How is COVID-19 Adversely Affecting International Education?

Coronavirus has been confirmed in more than 113,000 people with 4,000 deaths recorded globally, international agencies report. Like a pandemic, there are concerted global efforts to contain the spread. Can you imagine the adverse effects COVID-19 has on international education currently?

The outbreak of the coronavirus has necessitated growing international travel restrictions. This, in turn, is affecting international students’ enrollment in different institutions. More adverse effects will be shared from this article.

  1. China which is the worst hit by coronavirus is under strict travel restrictions into and out of the country. This implies that study abroad programs have been put on hold until further notice.
  2. Visa services to affected countries are also being suspended until further notice.
  3. Sadly, China has cancelled assessments such as the SAT, graduate school entry exams GRE and GMAT. The same applies to English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL.
  4. Courses and classes are now being taken virtually.
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5. With international travel restrictions comes a significant reduction in the earnings of institutions. This is because international education is a high-income earner year in, year out.

6. Travel restrictions equally hamper medical and other students from attending annual international seminars and conferences.

7. Some colleges/university students have had to vacate their on-campus accommodation under short notice for security reasons. This, therefore, poses an accommodation challenge for students.

8. Yet again, the decline in the access to study abroad programs by international students will, in turn, affect the economies of affected nations. For instance, China which is worst hit will lose a significant amount of revenue as a result.

These are just to mention but a few of the adverse effects of COVID-19 on international education. It is hoped that the situation would be brought under control within the shortest possible time so that international education does not suffer any further.

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