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How Healthy Friendships Benefit International Students

The fact that no man is an island is a clear indication that we need each other. Life is sweeter and better when we do it together than when we do it on our own. Likewise, school is better done with friends than alone so today, we’d like to emphasize the benefits of healthy friendships.

They are as follows:

  • Positive social support
  • Enhanced university experience
  • Promotes academic success
  • Mental health and overall well being

How exactly can international students benefit from positive friendships following the aforementioned points? Sit back, relax, and let us show you how.

1. Positive social support 


It is well said that “two good heads are better than one.” This is particularly true for students who have good friends. Their friends provide much needed positive social support systems. Rather than lead you into gangsterism and other negative social vices, they’ll encourage you to participate in activities that will enhance your academic and personal life experiences.

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2. Enhanced university experience

Given our differences, each person brings their spice and flavour to the table. So, one of the benefits of healthy friendships for students is that it enhances their university experiences. For instances, participating in extracurriculars, inter-school competitions, excursions and other activities makes studying more fun and well-rounded.

3. Promotes academic success

Have you noticed that studying alone helps you cover some ground but when you study with friends you learn more? Have you also noticed that you hit your goals more when you share them with friends? This because they motivate you consistently to focus on your goals and achieve them. They hold your hands as you undergo the journey.

4. Mental health and overall well being

There’s no gainsaying that sometimes the academic workload becomes overwhelming for students. One of the best stress relievers are usually friends because they’ll make you laugh, play, have a lot of fun and relax. This is especially important for your mental health and overall well being. That’s why it’s good to maintain healthy relationships.

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The benefits of healthy friendships for students are numerous; they enhance students’ study experience and promote academic success.

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