4 Types of Scholarships International Students can Apply for

Have you been wondering how to make your study abroad dreams come true without bearing the financial cost? Our goal today is to show you 4 types of scholarships international students can apply for.

They include;

  • Underrepresented groups scholarships
  • Sports or athletic scholarships
  • Academic achievement scholarships
  • First-generation scholarships

Want to know what these scholarships are about? We’re happy to tell.

1. Underrepresented groups scholarships

Studying abroad is quite expensive especially for international students thus, some are unable to afford the cost of study. This is why students from developing countries or minority groups are usually eligible for such scholarships. If you fall under these categories, are a US citizen, national, or permanent resident and are Pell-eligible, you may qualify for The Gates Scholarship.

2. Sports or athletic scholarships

To qualify for these scholarships, you need to be actively involved in sports or athletics. Sports like basketball and football usually dominate the sporting scene as well as for scholarships. But it’s interesting to note that there are also scholarships for esports or surfing. So, find out what you’re eligible for and send in your applications.

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3. Academic achievement scholarships

These are arguably the most popular types of scholarships because the essence of formal education is learning through academics. Thus, there are tons and tons of academic scholarships in different disciplines and at different levels of study including fully funded scholarships.

4. First-generation scholarships

These types of scholarships are special and are, therefore, not open to everyone like others are. They are special because to qualify, you need to be the first person in your family to attend college, that’s why they’re called first-generation scholarships. So, if this describes you or you know someone in this category, you may stand a chance to qualify.

International students have many beautiful opportunities to make their study abroad dreams come true given the different types of scholarships available.

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