Nontraditional resumes include pictures, videos, personalised websites and blogs. It is usually required for a job that involves creative designs such as music, photography, painting, literature and/or software. Other examples include video interviews and live-streamed interviews. What jobs can international students use nontraditional resumes for?

Here’s a list of nontraditional resumes you can use in the course of applying for your dream job.

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Infographics
  • Video Resume
  • Personalised website
  • Prezi
  • Visual CV

1. LinkedIn Profile

A strong LinkedIn profile can be used as a resume and can be downloaded in pdf format, printed or shared via email. Note that a strong profile makes it easy for employers and recruiters to find you. More importantly, links to your LinkedIn profile can be shared on other platforms to increase your visibility and accessibility.


2. Infographic

Infographic resumes use pictures, diagrams, graphs, charts and other graphical tools. These tools are used to communicate information about your background, qualifications, skills and track record. So, if you’re good with making designs, then you’d have a swell time with infographics. Expectedly, it is one of the nontraditional resumes international students use when applying for jobs.

3.Video resume

When making a video resume, you’ll talk about your qualifications, achievements, etc., before a camera. This requires a lot of creativity and exceptionally good quality lighting, editing and sound. While the videos are expected to be short, they should be so creative and engaging that employers/recruiters are impressed.

4. Personalised Website

Like infographics, personalised websites also include videos, as well as animated infographics. It is a website designed to contain your profile and qualifications to serve as a resume. That’s why the links to your website’s URL can be shared on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

5. Prezi

In a similar vein, Prezi is a software that presents peoples’ profiles and qualifications in the form of video slide presentations. The slides contain texts, images and charts. Prezi is good for you if you are skilled at making designs and have great colour appreciation. Interestingly, resumes designed using Prezi are usually referred to as Presume.

6. Visual CV

Visual CV is an online tool specially designed for creating a profile to serve as a resume. It is like a LinkedIn profile with more design options and fewer restrictions. Furthermore, it has simple and attractive designs that can easily grab attention.

International students use nontraditional resumes to spice up their applications and increase their chances of getting hired using a lot of creativity and viewer engagement.

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