The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, Netherlands, offers scholarships for international students from non-EEA countries (see list below) who are not entitled to pay the EEA tuition fee, provided their grades are considered ‘excellent’.
The 2014/2015 international scholarships will be provided in the form of a waiver from the non-EEA tuition fee.
Worth of Awards

  • The scholarship takes the form of a waiver being the amount of money that will be subtracted from the full non-EEA tuition fee.
  • The waiver fully covers the difference between the non-EEA tuition fee and the EEA tuition fee. You will always have to pay at least the statutory tuition fee.
  • For the scholarship, no actual transmission of money takes place. The scholarship part of the non-EEA tuition fee will be subtracted from the full non-EEA tuition fee before the start of the academic year, enabling you to immediately pay the reduced tuition fee; either at once or in instalments.
  • The amount of the scholarship in the academic year 2013/2014 was 6,272 euro. The amount for 2014/2015 has not yet been determined.

Application for the scholarship is open for prospective IBA students starting their studies in 2014/2015 from all non-EEA countries, provided they would be charged the non-EEA tuition fee. The school may give preference to students with one of the following nationalities:

  • Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Taiwanese / Korean / Filipino
  • Indonesian / Vietnamese / Thai
  • Iranian / Iraqi
  • Azerbaijani / Georgian
  • Turkish
  • African (all countries)
  • Mexican
  • Additionally, the school may strive for a certain distribution over the continents.
  • Only students who are not recipients of any other scholarships exceeding the amount of 5,000 euro in total in that same academic year can apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship will be awarded for the first year of the IBA programme, provided excellence in previous education is proven.
  • Excellence in previous education is proven if the grade point average achieved at secondary school (measured to date) is at least the equivalent of the Dutch grade of 8.0 on the Dutch grading scale 1 – 10. For prospective students who have also attended higher education after secondary education grades obtained in higher education will be considered as well. The RSM  Scholarship Committee will decide on the local grade equivalents for the Dutch grade of 8.0 using (a.o.) the grade information included in the NUFFIC country modules.

How to Apply

  • When applying for the IBA programme in the online application form (OLAF) you will be asked to upload documents which will be used for evaluating your application. During this process you can also upload your scholarship application letter (maximum 1 A4 size page). The application letter should include the following information:
  • an explanation why you would need a scholarship, comprising a description of your financial situation;
  • An explanation why you would deserve a scholarship, comprising a description of academic excellence and if applicable other merits.
  • if applicable: certified copies of other scholarships granted;
  • a signed statement indicating that other scholarships awarded do not exceed the amount of 5,000 euro in total;
  • The following documents are not required if you have already uploaded these for admission to the IBA programme: certified copies of the secondary education academic transcript (certified list of grades), and if applicable certified copies of transcripts from a higher education institution: to date, as available at the moment of application (normally already part of your application package).

Deadline:  You can apply for the scholarship at any time between 1 October 2013 and  May 1 2014. It is however advised that you apply before May 1 2014
The decisions on the award of the scholarship will be made by the RSM Scholarship Committee.  This scholarship committee will determine award recipient(s) by mid June 2014 (precise date will be announced later).
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