The evolution and advancements in technology especially the internet has made the digital space a veritable tool for businesses through digital marketing. However, because traditional marketing is still relevant, we’d like to examine some offline marketing ideas for students.

As an enterprising international student, the following strategies can help you to publicize your enterprise.

  • Ads on Newspapers and Magazines
  • Pitch at Events
  • Use Business Cards
  • Celebrate clients’ holidays and special days
  • Commercials
  • Trade shows, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Billboards
  • Endorsements

1. Ads on Newspapers and Magazines

Advertising on widely read newspapers and magazines on campus or in the city is a good marketing strategy. Given the fact that newspapers and magazines enjoy great readership, your ads won’t go unnoticed thus potentially increasing sales. Where possible and affordable, you can use full-page advertisements.

2. Pitch at Events

Seek popular events with large crowds in attendance to talk about your business. Such events could include conferences or seminars of big corporations, concerts of popular musicians and other social events. Where possible, speak using slides of infographics about your business so audiences can see and connect to what you’re talking about.

3. Use Business Cards

A business card contains a brief summary of a business, its services, location and contacts. Getting a professional graphics designer to help you design a top-notch business card communicates excellence and quality. It is one of the most effective offline marketing ideas students should adopt. Fortunately, they’re not so expensive.

4.  Celebrate Client’s holidays and Special days 

This strategy can win the hearts of your clients as it communicates to them that they are important, not just additional profit. Sending gifts, cards, text messages or making calls to your clients on holidays, birthdays or wedding anniversaries is a good idea. This is because this act is capable of influencing their decision to patronize you.

5. Commercials

Television and radio have a wide reach thus, you can reach a large heterogeneous audience at the same time. Your products/services will enjoy a boost when you advertise using creative and attention-grabbing jingles. This may look like an expensive step to take but as your business grows, it’s a step worth considering.

6. Trade Shows, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

This is not only a good way to make your business known but also a way to acquire new customers. Tradeshows are for business to business (B2B) transactions and networking within an industry.

For instance, if you have developed a cybersecurity startup, you should consider a trade show. Trade Fairs are business to customer transactions and are advised for small businesses. Exhibitions, on the other hand, can be handled by single or multiple companies. If you play your cards right, you can have your goods/services on display.

7. Billboards

Advertising on billboards makes the announcement loud and unmistakable because everyone can see it. Therefore, choose billboards that are strategically located in well-populated cities. This way, your products or services remain stamped in the minds of your audience. Again this may seem far fetched but it’s worth considering as your business grows.

8. Endorsements

Another way to spike sales is to gain endorsements. It is little wonder that many companies and brands use celebrities to advertise and endorse their products/services. An endorsement from a very famous person or a large corporation will make customers rush to make purchases. Don’t think this is out of your reach; someone within your circle or network may be able to link you to a celebrity so be prepared.

When students adopt the right offline marketing ideas, their businesses will enjoy a massive boost.

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