LinkedIn is the top social media platform for professional networking which international students seeking employment must be active. LinkedIn profiles can serve as your online resume and replace traditional resumes. Are you wondering how? Tag along as we reveal how LinkedIn profiles can serve as resumes.

A strong LinkedIn profile sells your brand, skills and competence. It can do better than a resume in impressing a potential employer. Some features that should be included to your profile include a personal photograph, references, work experiences, educational background and recommendations.

Let’s see how a LinkedIn profile can be used as a good resume:

  • Display your knowledge
  • Upload a professional photograph
  • Include your achievements
  • Get endorsements
  • Update regularly

1. Display your Knowledge

In your LinkedIn profile, post content that aligns with what you know about your industry. They could include lessons or tips that you have learnt, or relevant events and even changes in technological advancements. You can also include interesting articles and comments on posts related to your field.

2. Upload a professional Photograph

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking. Note that employers and recruiters want to see who they’d be working with should you get hired. So, take a professional photograph; a professional headshot.

3. Include your Achievements

One way you can pique employers‘ interest in you is by revealing your key achievements in previous projects that you handled. These projects could be while on campus or elsewhere as long as they are relevant to the position you’re seeking. This will bring about a major boost to your profile and can make you highly sought after.

4. Get Endorsements

Connecting with other professionals in your field and area of interest will be to your benefit. Write recommendations to some of them, this could encourage them to give you some endorsements in turn. Yet again, this is a very good way international students’ LinkedIn profiles can serve as resumes.

5. Update Regularly

It is of utmost importance to keep your profile updated regularly. Include recent achievements, projects, positions, etc. Your profile should be dynamic and a clear depiction of who you are, what you’re capable of doing and what you’ve accomplished per time.

For international students to successfully use their LinkedIn profiles as resumes, they need to display their knowledge as evidence of their competence for the job.

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