Music is a universal language that transcends race, culture, people, tongue and time. Interestingly, there are several on-stage and off-stage opportunities for those who love and study music. Your ability to adapt and adopt technological trends in the music industry opens you up to different job opportunities in music.

Possessing entrepreneurial skills such as marketing and branding makes you a great asset in the music industry. Below are some job opportunities in the music industry.

  • Songwriter
  • Music Coach
  • Record/Music Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)

1. Songwriter

Not all musicians compose the songs they sing or perform. Some of those songs are created by creative songwriters who may not be good singers themselves. Modern songwriters make use of advanced notation and engraving software to do their work. So, if you love to write songs, get your groove on and make a good buck.


A good songwriter must be sensitive to the cultural trends, mindsets and historical background of his/her audience. As an international student, you do not want to compose something undesired or offensive to the people of in host country and beyond.

2. Music Coach

If you are skilled in certain instruments or knowledgeable in music theory, you can consider teaching them. You may also have to learn some musical instruments peculiar to the culture of the country as the instruments you know may not be appreciated there.

3. Record or Music Producer

As a record or music producer, you’ll oversee and manage the sound recording and production music. This could be the music of a band or a performer. You can also make significant changes to the piece to ensure it produces a cohesive track or album. Music producers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes of many hit songs.

4. Sound Engineer

Being a sound engineer entails working on the technical aspects of music during the processes of recording, mixing, and reproduction. While serving in this capacity, you’ll work with record producers and artists to ensure that they achieve the desired quality of sound. You can work in the studio, on set, at live performances, etc.

5. Disc Jockey (DJ)

DJs have enjoyed greater appreciation, acceptance and recognition in the 21st Century than ever before. Working in the console, they play the music heard on radio stations, internet radio stations, local bars, dance clubs, wedding receptions and other special events. With creativity and hard work, you can gain a lot of popularity among fans.

Convert your passion into a career by choosing from among the numerous job opportunities in music. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds; you’ll get paid to do what you love. What could possibly be better than that?

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