InfoNile invites applications from journalists in the Nile River basin of Africa to submit proposals for in-depth investigative multimedia journalism stories on threats to biodiversity in Nile Basin Lakes in 2020. These stories are part of a series of stories focusing on biodiversity in the Nile Basin and will feed into a final data journalism project including interactive maps and stories.

The Nile Basin hosts the Great Lakes of Africa among others. These lakes are biodiversity hotspots, making up unique habitats containing a myriad of animals and plants. However, the natural heritage in these lakes is being threatened by a wide range of issues, for example; Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, which is habitat to more than 1,500 plant and animal species, of which 40% are endemic, is threatened by population growth, overexploitation of biological resources, invasive species and pollution among others, while Lake Turkana in Kenya and Ethiopia is threatened by the impacts from the construction of Gibe III dam.

Worth of Award

  • A  moderate proposed budget of no more than $700


  • The grant is open to all Journalists worldwide
  • Your story pitch should contain a plan to integrate data analysis and visualization of biodiversity issues on different sectors or topics relevant to your story; i.e. habitats, human pressures, degradation, protected areas, species richness, threatened species richness – and indicators relating to the impact of the biodiversity on human health, water access and scarcity, livelihoods, etc. “Geo-coded” or geographical data is the most preferred since we will use it to create interactive maps and visualizations. However, please feel free to integrate any other sources of credible data.
  • Possible sources for data include the UN Biodiversity Lab and the various data platforms on biodiversity in Africa being funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation. Picking stories from data found on these sources will be an advantage in your application.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to [email protected]

  • A one-page proposal outlining your story idea. Proposals should be clearly structured, stating briefly at the outset what the story idea is, followed by how and where the story will be researched, what it aims to reveal or contribute, where you will publish (specific media organizations), and the intended impact of the story. The proposal should also include a plan for incorporating data. Please note how you will use multimedia (video, photos, audio, and graphics along with text). You should also include:
  • A  moderate proposed budget of no more than $700
  • A resumé/CV;
  • Two samples of published/broadcast work. Links to the published stories are also accepted.
  • Letter of support from your editor, stating that your media house/s will publish / telecast/broadcast your story.

Deadline: application closes February 28th, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

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