Thanks to technology, the nature of work keep increasing dynamically. This level of dynamism provides flexible jobs which enable international students to choose their work hours. As a wonderful development, today, we’ll show you some jobs you can decide when and how you want to work.

The benefit such jobs provide includes the opportunity to combine your academics with work without interferences. It also enables you to kill two birds with one stone; attain academic excellence and have a stable source of income. So, what jobs are we talking about?

  • Graphics Design
  • Fundraising
  • Consulting
  • Realtor
  • Writing
  • Tutoring

Wondering how you can choose your work hours at these jobs? You’re fortunate because it isn’t rocket science so here’s how in simple terms.


1. Graphics Design

A graphics designer creates colourful designs for books, magazines, posters, music, videos, logos and many more. It’s usually a freelance job and is a good one to consider if you’re an aesthete, are good in visual arts and pay attention to details. You can work at any time of day or night you find convenient.

2. Fundraising

Startups and non-profits are in constant need of funding and donations from angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate organizations and philanthropists. If you have abilities, competence or experience in this area, then you’re on your way to getting employed.

3. Consulting

One of the most lucrative and flexible jobs you can find is consulting. With experience and expertise in key areas like finance, business, real estate, marketing, etc, you can fill in many gaps. Companies facing problems in these and other areas would be happy to hire and reward you commensurately for your professional advice and strategies.

4. Realtor

You can earn a living selling or leasing buildings for Real Estate companies by helping them to find and connect with prospective buyers. You can also set a convenient time to meet with and take the buyers to the sites.

5. Writing

Writing is also one of the most flexible jobs you can find, it is usually freelance. It involves communicating ideas in textual form and is needed by blogs, newspapers, magazines, and corporate firms. Knowing your schedule, you can easily schedule convenient times to turn in your writings.

6. Tutoring

Teaching your classmates, junior colleagues, high school students, etc. is a great idea. It’s also a good avenue to make money without affecting your schoolwork. This is especially true for subjects that you like and know very well. Sharing your knowledge is a win-win because the more you teach is the more proficient you become in the subject.

There’s no gainsaying that one of the ways international students can support themselves financially is by securing jobs. Fortunately, flexible jobs allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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