In each sphere of life, there are expected modes of operation and codes of conduct. For instance, the way you’d conduct yourself in school as a student would defer from the way you would in a corporate environment. Thus, our interest today lies in how you can maintain professionalism in the workplace.

Now that you stand the chance to land your dream job, are you wondering how you can maintain professionalism? This is how:

  • Be a respecter of time
  • Dress for the job
  • Maintain integrity and credibility
  • Communicate effectively
  • Generate positive energy
  • Be a resourceful team player

Practising professionalism is both important and key to your success careerwise. Given the fact that we are vested in helping you succeed, we’ll elaborate on the aforementioned points.

1. Be a respecter of Time 

Sometimes, students go to classes late; some even skip classes. Such conduct is considered both unprofessional and unacceptable in the workplace. Begin on a very good note by resolving to be a respecter of time. Be punctual to work and when you have to be late, politely inform your boss ahead of time.

2. Dress for the Job

Most often, students like to slip a t-shirt on a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers for lectures. It is important to note that this may not fly in corporate circles because you’d be expected to dress business casual. However, find out what is most acceptable in your organization/firm and dress for the job.

3. Maintain integrity and Credibility

On a number of occasions, people resort to being dishonest to gain certain favours. e.g calling in sick when they’re not. While it may seem like a smart move, in time, your colleagues and superiors lose faith and trust in you. This could affect your career adversely so, do yourself the favour, maintain integrity and credibility.

4. Communicate Effectively

One other way to maintain workplace professionalism is by ensuring that you communicate effectively. Respect hierarchy and whether you’re interacting with staff across rank or file, accord them respect. Avoid swearing, cursing, or cussing, gossiping, etc. In a similar vein, always follow the appropriate chain of command when communicating your desires or grievances.

5. Generate positive Energy

It’s normal to have a bad day at some point but when you do, don’t make your colleagues or clients suffer for it. Rather, choose to become the source of positive energy people would always want to gravitate towards. Generating positive energy makes room for creativity and breeds ideas for effective problem-solving.

6. Be a resourceful Team Player

‘Together everyone achieves more,’ is not just a cliche, it’s the truth. Work can be intense and staff tend to feel a lot of pressure when deadlines are approaching, so be a good soul. Be a resourceful team player by contributing your own quota to making the whole come together beautifully. Share your ideas and work with others to achieve company goals.

Landing your dream job is one thing, keeping that job is another. However, you stand a better chance of retaining your job despite the stiff competition when you maintain professionalism in the workplace so get to it.

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