Being successful is neither a product of wishful thinking nor overnight occurrence. As much as you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll reap the fruits most assuredly. To get you started, we’ll be sharing some success habits that can distinguish international students for life.

They include;

  • Success is a choice
  • Continuous living is continuous learning
  • Challenges are a spice of life
  • Be deliberate
  • Become exceptional at what you do
  • Choose to live outside of your comfort zone
  • Live by core values
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe

If you’re ready, we’re ready so let’s throw more light in these areas.

1. Success is a choice

So you want to succeed right? Well, that’s a good thing because you can. However, you must maintain a positive mindset, see possibilities in seeming impossibilities and consider problems/challenges as stepping stones. Choosing to succeed is choosing to work hard and smart at what you do and being resilient while you’re at it.

2. Continuous living is a continuous learning 

Successful people are not just students in particular fields, they are students of life. Thus, for as much as they are alive, they keep learning. This is pivotal to expanding your horizon and having an edge over your contemporaries. It’s a sure ticket to well-rounded personal development which makes you an asset especially in the workplace.

3. Challenges are a spice of life

While others see challenges as obstacles, those with success mindsets see challenges as opportunities to learn and become better. It is little wonder that rather than cower at the sight of difficulty, they rise to the occasion by seeking solutions. It is worthy of note that some of the most amazing breakthroughs are made from the most difficult problems.

4. Be deliberate

One of the success habits that distinguish international students is the ability to be deliberate. Remember the saying that he who fails to plan plans to fail? Well, in order to succeed, students can’t afford to leave things to chance, they must plan ahead. Similarly, by setting goals, they work their plans and dreams into reality.

5. Become exceptional at what you do

One of the marks of success is excellence and excellence is demonstrated when you are exceptional at what you do. When you invest your time, resources (financial, intellectual and otherwise) into mastering your skills, you’ll get easily noticed because you’ll stand out. You, therefore, become a force to reckon within your area of specialization.

6. Live and think outside the box 

There’s no gainsaying that there’s only how much you can achieve in your comfort zone. If you desire to touch the skies, you can’t do that living and thinking inside the box. You must of necessity leave your comfort zone, be willing to take calculated risks. In many cases, you must break away from the status-quo to be able to achieve the extraordinary.

7. Live by core values

Successful people determine the things that matter most to them. Then, with every day, every opportunity and situation, they reflect these core values. Being around them for just a while will clearly reveal what sits at their core. You need to be this clear as a student.

8. Your vibe attracts your tribe

Ever heard the saying, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are?” Well, you become a reflection of the kind of things and people you expose yourself to. It is little wonder that successful people keep company with like minds so they can stay sharpened and positively influenced. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Being successful doesn’t start at the workplace or when you’re in business. It starts much earlier that’s why international students need to adopt success habits while in school. Practice makes perfect remember?

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