6 Benefits of Competitions to International Students

Competitions should be taken as a worthy journey towards personal development, especially for international students. It affords you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, gain experience, and increase your competence. If you want to know other benefits of competitions to international students then, tag along.

The reasons you should not miss out on competitions are listed thus:

  • CV/Resume improvement
  • Financial Gain
  • Self Discovery
  • Improves Interpersonal Skills
  • Gain Experience
  • Builds a Mindset of Growth

Competitions should be looked at as a battle against mediocrity and, therefore, be approached objectively. Understanding that it’s not a battle against fellow competitors will open your mind to learn and enjoy the experience. Let’s look deeper at the benefits.

1. CV/Resume Improvement

Participating in competitions greatly enhances your resume by communicating teamwork and sportsmanship. Even if you don’t get the top prize, your participation gives the impression that you are big on personal development and desire to learn. This is one of the key cultures of excellence.

2. Financial Gain

Competitions offer financial rewards. These rewards include scholarships to ease the burden of tuition and grants to help kickstart your business. The financial gain is not only a reward for hard work and sacrifice, but it’s also a means to encourage excellence.

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3. Self Discovery

Academic activities are largely routines; making it difficult for students to discover, develop and display their talents and potentials. Conversely, competitions organized by companies, institutions, organizations and governments help students think outside the box and discover themselves. This one of the benefits of competitions to international students.

4. Improves Interpersonal Skills

You get the chance to meet and interact with people from different environments, of different personalities, ages, cultures and mindsets. This is your opportunity to improve your social skills.

5. Gain Experience

This is one of the most vital benefits you can derive from participating in competitions. It is beyond getting the top prize as the overall winner. There’s no gainsaying that the skills, exposure and lessons learnt will add to your wealth of experience. They’ll also serve as a boost to your career and journey towards personal development.

6. Builds a Mindset of Growth

A mindset of continuous learning and growth is necessary for the war against mediocrity. Fortunately, competitions offer students the opportunity to push beyond the limits of past achievements and expose themselves to continuous innovation.

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Isn’t it just heartwarming to know that there are lots of benefits of competitions to international students? The few mentioned in this article should spur you to seize every opportunity you can to develop yourself further remember, no knowledge is a waste.

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