Dear lover girl international student, getting a gift for the man you love need not be difficult even on a tight budget. With some creativity, you can still blow his mind and make him feel very special. If you’re wondering what inexpensive romantic valentine’s day gifts to get for him, here are some brilliant ideas.

  • Love Coupons
  • Books
  • Tickets
  • Fun games
  • Portrait
  • Adventure
  • Dinner

Here’s how as an international student with limited funds, you can get him the gifts you dreamed of without breaking the bank.

1. Love Coupons

In many cases, guys may not bother about physical gifts but when you put a lot of thought into it, your man will appreciate it. You can make a coupon that contains things he likes or needs such as a luxurious shaving kit. This kit should contain a nice razor blade, a shaving brush, shaving cream and aftershave. Choosing his favourite brand will do the trick.

2. Books

If your significant other is an avid reader, buying books for him would be a good idea. To make it all the more special, buy books in line with his passion/interests especially those he’s been wanting to get. Wrap them beautifully and finish it up with a romantic note. The way you present the books is also important so, make it memorable.

3. Tickets

A ticket to a show, concert or the cinema would be a highly appreciated gift especially when it’s a movie/concert/show he’s been dying to attend. Getting those tickets to the concert of his favourite musician or a stadium ticket to view his favourite team play live is a fantastic way to crown the evening.

4. Fun games 

Yet again, one of the most romantic valentine’s day gifts you can give him is the gift of your time. Spending time to play his favourite game with him will go a long way to make him feel special and solidify the bond between you. If you’re not so good at the game, sharpen your skills beforehand; this surprise will spice up your evening significantly.

5. Portrait

Get a very good artist or painter to make a beautiful portrait of your man. While he’s away at work/school, you can sneak into his apartment to place it in a conspicuous place. Alternatively, you can reveal your gift during or after a romantic dinner. Basically, make your presentation in such a way that would make him fall in love with you all over again.

6. Adventure

Variety is the spice of life and nothing spices up your valentine’s day like an adventure. Breakaway from the norm; try something new like going to a place that’s entirely different but safe. If there are tourist attractions or fun spots you’ve been dreaming of going to, this is the time to do so. This experience will spark a new fire in your love life.

7. Dinner

Can you say for a fact that one way to your significant other’s heart is through his stomach? If it is, then one of the best ways to make him feel loved this val is by taking him out on a date or better yet, prepare a sumptuous homemade meal. Scintillate his taste buds with a healthy mouth-watering meal, he won’t forget this in a hurry.

So, there you have it, 7 romantic valentine’s day gifts that can make him feel on top of the world.

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