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Top 5 Skills that give International Students a Competitive Edge

Having evolved from the industrial age to the digital age, the workplace has become increasingly dynamic. Little wonder it takes a whole lot more to succeed in the workplace which is more competitive today than ever. How then, can international students have a competitive edge you wonder, well, you’re about to find out.

  • Put on your thinking cap
  • Time is always of the essence
  • Be a brilliant problem solver
  • Pay rapt attention
  • People are intangible assets

On your marks, ready, set, go!

1. Put on your thinking cap

In the world of work, critical thinking is the name of the game. There will always be times when key decisions need to be made. Therefore, you need to be on top of your game by making the most beneficial decisions per time. Most often, you’d need to think on your feet nonetheless, take your time to consider the best options. Your employer will be impressed.

2. Time is always of the essence


Time is not just money, time is life. A significant portion of your day is spent at work so you want to be able to achieve more in less time.┬áStart your day by eating the biggest and ugliest frog first; you’ll cover more grounds by accomplishing the most difficult things first. This is because these tasks are likely to bring the biggest results.

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3. Be a brilliant problem solver

It’s important to remind yourself that you weren’t hired to complain about problems, you were hired to solve them. When you invest your time and energies sourcing for and proferring brilliant solutions, you automatically stand out. Like fresh air, your problem-solving skills spread positive energy in the workplace. Who doesn’t like positive energy?

4. Pay rapt attention

The ability to pay rapt attention gives international students a competitive edge because they catch what others miss. In the workplace, listening skills are important because you’ll learn the expectations, motivations and desires of colleagues, subordinates, superiors and clients. This will drastically improve your performance and rapport at work.

5. People are intangible assets

No matter how high you want to fly professionally, you cannot go it alone; you’ll definitely need people. People are intangible assets that, the need to invest in maintaining a good rapport with the people you work with. Doing this has the potential to make you go farther faster so get your groove on, put your soft skills to good use.

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Given the dynamics of the workplace today, it’s very important for international students to have a competitive edge using the aforementioned points.

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