First, the emphasis was placed on gaining technical or hard skills while in school. Then this shifted to soft or people skills which are intended to make students highly competent for the workplace. However, not much emphasis has been placed on developing self-compassion skills for international students and the need for it. This is the crux of this article.

It’s no news that most times in a bid to be selfless, students go all out for others while neglecting themselves. They validate others, yet put themselves down. They are kind and encouraging when others fail, yet beat themselves up when they fail. Our goal today is to show you how you can love yourself more.

  • Affirm yourself Detoxify
  • Be kind and forgiving of yourself
  • Love on yourself lavishly (date yourself)
  • Embrace the beauty of failure
  • Always be on the side of Gratitude
  • Build a community of positive-minded people
  • Avoid comparison like a plague
  • Bask in your own company
  • Play more, be adventurous
  • Do a digital detox

If possessing hard and soft skills makes you an asset, imagine how much greater an asset you’ll be when you add personal skills to the list. Without a doubt, your organization would be reluctant to let you go because you are well rounded. So, let’s take a closer look at the self-compassion skills every international student needs, shall we?

1. Affirm yourself and Detoxify

Words are so powerful, they are life in themselves. When you constantly affirm yourself; strengths, achievements, dreams, etc., your life and academics will be better for it. Your words will shape the future you desire and make the present ever so beautiful. You’ll discover that this way, you’ll always exude positive energy.

2. Be kind and forgiving of Yourself

Mistakes are bound to occur in the journey of life. However, rather than beat yourself up, learn from your mistakes; be kind and forgiving of yourself as you would others. Remember that you made mistakes, you are not the mistake.

3. Love on yourself lavishly 

It’s always easy to show love to others and shower them with gifts while not thinking of applying same principle to ourselves. It’s important to reiterate that you are the only one of your kind, therefore you deserve every iota of self-love. Date yourself, love yourself so much so that people would wish they were you.

4. Embrace the beauty of failure

Because we’re flawed humans, we’ll encounter failure sometimes. When this happens, learn from the experience, it’ll make you better. Don’t sink into the hole of depression, some of the greatest successes came from the worst failures; Thomas Edison can tell the tale.

5. Always be on the side of Gratitude

When you look at life as a glass that is half full rather than half empty, you’ll appreciate your journey. You’ll be more grateful for the little successes and achievements knowing that you’ll keep getting better and going higher. This will make you a positive inspiration.

6. Build a community of positive-minded people

You cannot develop self-compassion skills if you hang around negative people or influences. You need to build a community of positive-minded people and influencers to keep your energies and optimism up. Surround yourself with people who love and support you, everyone needs such people around.

7. Avoid comparison like a plague

One of the greatest undoings of international students is making unhealthy comparisons. This makes others look better in their eyes than oneself. Doing this can deal a deadly blow to your self-esteem and make you sink further in the pit of depression. This is not a way to live so avoid it like a plague.

8. Bask in your own company

As wonderful as it is to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, it’s equally important to bask in your own company. Spend time alone with yourself every now and then, do things you love and enjoy the most. Laugh at yourself; mistakes, failures and celebrate your successes. This healthy balance will make you a beautiful personality.

9. Play more, be adventurous

Sometimes, life feels boring and monotonous given our daily routines. It’s your job to spice things up every now and again by trying new things. It’s a great way to discover new flares, passions and abilities. It’s also an opportunity to experience life in a different way so go on, surprise yourself.

10. Do a digital detox

Social media can be a good influence when used in the right way. However, it can mount unnecessary pressure on students. You’ll be doing yourself a world of good by detoxifying yourself of things and people that constitute negative energy. Time away from your devices will also help you connect with yourself and those that matter. So go right ahead.

Developing self-compassion skills will greatly enhance your life, academic experience and positions you strategically for the workplace. So beef up your skillset by adding these to your hard and soft skills. The difference will be clear.

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