College Admission Deferrals: 5 Things International Students can do

Every academic year, thousands of international students apply to different institutions especially the most renown. Owing to the stiff competition and limited spaces, it stands to reason that not all applicants will be accepted. In fact, some applications will be deferred. So, how should international students handle college admission deferrals?

Remember that a deferral doesn’t mean your admission has been rejected. Under the circumstances, it means the institution sees promise in you and are opting to push your application to the next round of admission.

Here are a few tips on what you can do.

  • Decide if this is still your top choice
  • Contact the institution
  • Request for an interview
  • Make a visit
  • Have a plan ‘B’

Now that the horse is in place, let’s load the cart and get going.

1. Decide if this is still your Top Choice

Students whose admissions are differed at the early decision are no longer under the binding commitment. Under the circumstances, they need to decide if the said institution is still their top choice. If it is, then, they need to intensify efforts to get accepted into the institution.

2. Contact the Institution

Having firmly decided that you still prefer this institution to others, it’s time to beef up your chances of acceptance. You can get more letters of recommendation and update your application by correcting any errors or omissions. You can also include any recent achievements, better grades obtained, etc.

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You can equally send a deferral letter revealing your unflinching interest to study at the institution if the school permits. Without sounding proud, explain why you believe you’re the best fit and how enthusiastic you are about joining them when accepted.

3. Request for an interview

In the event that you weren’t interviewed previously, this is your opportunity to get interviewed. Humbly request to meet with the admission officers and do your best to create a very good impression. Make a good job of convincing them to consider your admission in favour of acceptance. This is one good way to handle college admission deferrals.

4. Make a visit

It’s also time to consider the possibility of paying the college or university a ‘courtesy’ visit. Go see things for yourself and make a final decision. This visit will open your eyes to the academic activities as well as student life on campus and reaffirm if or not you want to study there. The decision made hereafter will be well informed.

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5. Have a plan ‘B’

While you remain optimistic that the deferment will become an acceptance, it is advisable to look elsewhere. Consider other schools that may be willing to offer you better scholarships and/or opportunities to apply to. This is so you have other options just in case this institution doesn’t offer you admission.

Students who encounter college admission deferrals need not despair. The sky is still bright and there’s still hope. Just do the aforementioned and expect the best.

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