Congratulations! Going through the undergraduate program as an international student is not a walk in the park. Having made it through successfully, we celebrate you and are delighted to know that you’re moving to bigger things. As you prepare other requisite documents, let’s show you how to write a motivation letter for your master’s application.

After addressing the letter to the reader or simply saying “Dear Sir/Madam,” go on to explain why you chose the course and institution. Arrest the reader’s attention from the get-go and be sure to keep the letter to the point. i.e don’t make it lengthy.

Moving over to the body of the letter, here are a few things to keep in mind when writing:


1. Make your letter clear by revealing what your goals are from the beginning.

2. There’s at least one tangible reason why you chose that program and institution; this is the time to reveal why. Captivate the reader using your story or experience to elaborate on what influenced your decision.

3. While keeping the letter precise, feel free to disclose your best qualifications, previous experiences (national and international), skills and strengths. The idea is to put the qualifications and experiences that are most relevant to your master’s program first.

4. You can decide the length of the letter provided that it does not exceed a page. If you want to tailor it to just half a page, that’s equally fine just endeavour to make the letter the reader’s delight. This is key when writing a┬ámotivational letter for masters application.

5. Consider this your rare opportunity to sell yourself. Make your pitch compelling and convincing by revealing your uniqueness and individuality.

6. Edit and proofread your letter thoroughly before sending it. Check for typos, grammatical errors, structural issues, inconsistencies, voice, tone, etc. Also, make sure that the font size, presentation/arrangement are in sync with professional standards.

Before concluding your letter, reiterate why you’re the most suitable candidate. to study your chosen program at the school. Equally, express your optimism to join the institution then be courteous and express your appreciation. Your name and signature come last as usual.

Have you ever imagined what it takes to make a pitch to land a multi-million dollar business deal? Think of the motivational letter for masters application something like that. This thought would keep you motivated to do it right.

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