Every student desires to enjoy a remarkable study experience because of the hope of being gainfully employed after school. Thus, while it’s good to have job skills, it’s important to have essential transferable job skills as international students. These specific set of skills enable you to crossover into multiple job roles and positions.

While there are many such valuable skills, we’ll just consider a few. They include

  • Bilingual/Multi-lingual
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Development
  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Adaptability & Analytical Skills

The workplace has become increasingly dynamic. Thus, the need for international students to equip themselves with transferrable skills which would make them the employer’s delight. They include

1. Bilingual/Multi-lingual Skills

A student who is proficient in one or more international languages like French, Mandarin, etc., is an asset. This is because you can represent your organization on the international and global front. By communicating with and translating information between multinational clients, partners and sponsors, you strategically position your organization on the globe.

2. Public Speaking Skills

Having excellent communication and public speaking skills is vital. You can easily expand your professional network by leading meetings and speaking before groups. This skill also helps you stay organized and prepared at all times knowing that you can be called upon at short notice. You can also master the art of pitching brilliant ideas convincingly.

3. Personal Development

Today, employers want to see/know what you’ve done to sharpen your skills, build experience and develop yourself. There’s no gainsaying that you’d be trained on the job but you need to demonstrate an ability to take responsibility for your development. This is yet another in the list of essential transferable job skills for international students.

4. Teamwork

There’s no mincing words in saying that together everyone achieves more. So your ability to work with others effectively and bring positive vibes when working in teams is a strong selling point. Everyone loves a good team player who knows how to motivate others to get the job done and enjoy themselves while at it.

5. Networking

Your ability to establish and nurture relationships is key to your success careerwise and otherwise. This is because these relationships can be the major game-changers when it comes to moving from where you are to where you want/need to be. Being able to connect with diverse people makes you a more well-rounded individual/employee.

6. Adaptability & Analytical Skills

Being fully aware of the fact that the only constant thing in life is change will make you more adaptable. You’ll be open to learning quickly and on the go so you can fit into any and every situation you find yourself. Top that up with analytical skills and you’re on your way to being the cream of the coffee.

Position yourself strategically with the aforementioned skills, your career will thank you for it.

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