Academic success is the goal of every international student, however, there are other extracurricular activities that are beneficial to students. These activities go a long way in providing a holistic experience and education for students. Thus our goal today is to show you 5 ways international students can enjoy a holistic campus experience.

1. Campus Events

Every semester, there are lots of events that are organised on campus which help students acquire knowledge and build skills beyond the classroom. They include film shows, music concerts, plays, sporting events, among others. Fortunately, most events have free entry tickets and are publicized on the school’s social media handles.

2. Recreational Sports

Without fail, there are usually lots of recreational sporting activities on campus all through the year. These activities help students build resilience as well as learn team spirit, hard work and consistency. You can participate in as many recreational activities as you wish to based on your interests or choice of sport. Additionally, gyms are common features among campus or dorm facilities so this is another viable alternative.


3. Student Organisations

Students in college are opportune to have organisations where they can interact with others and have fun. These organisations could be a department’s association, a students’ union, clubs/societies, etc. Students can enjoy a holistic campus experience by belonging to any organization of their choosing.

4. Student Government

Another pivotal way international students can enjoy a holistic campus experience is through the student government. This is because it provides an avenue for the effective representation of students. The student government is the face and voice of students on campus and exists to promote students’ interests. It’s an opportunity to meet great minds.

5. Get involved with the community through volunteerism

Yet another great way to make the best of your campus experience is by connecting with and getting involved with the community. One simple yet far-reaching way to do so is by volunteering to work in communities. With this, you’ll not only be active in school but also connect with the people, their culture, norms, believes and preferences.

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