College is a place for international students to build and maintain relationships that will be of great relevance now and in the future. Students who are introverts may find it difficult to connect with others easily however, this article provides a guide on how international students can build valuable relationships.

1. Be Generous

Being generous to people does not mean giving out all you have or giving and expecting it to be reciprocated immediately. It, however, means reaching out to people who are in need and making sure to help them wholeheartedly. This way, people would be more inclined to help when you’re in need as well.

2.  Socialize

Interacting, mingling and getting together with people is golden when it comes to building relationships. It’s your leeway into the world of others; their cultures, believes, traditions, values, preferences, the whole works. When you learn to relate with diverse people, you develop and more global perspective and become a more well-rounded personality.

3. Be Courteous

When trying to build lasting relationships, it is important for international students to be courteous, respectful and kind. Everyone loves and is drawn to loveliness so be a lovely personality. Behaving in a manner that is critical or unapproving will only cause people to stay away from you. It could even cost you valuable relationships.

4. Be Involved

The importance of being fully involved when conversing with people cannot be overemphasized. It shows that you respect and have high regards for them. Similarly, being fully involved in group projects and presentations is equally a sign of respect. When people see that you are fully involved and interested in what you do, they’ll be willing to support you where necessary.

5. Volunteering

Another great and viable way to build valuable relationships as international students is by volunteering. You can volunteer in charities or non-profit development organisations where you can identify with and meet the needs of the less privileged and people in need. It’s a beautiful opportunity to give back to society.

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