One of the perks of studying in college is working in teams. This can be a sweet and sour experience thanks to individual differences. As the success or failure of the project will affect everyone’s grades, it’s necessary to make it a sweet experience. Want to know how international students can work on college group projects successfully? Let’s show you how.

1. Set goals and delegate responsibility early

It’s important to note that no one is doing anyone a favour by making valuable contributions in group projects. So, goals should be set and responsibilities delegated early to ensure that everyone knows what and when to do.

2. Meet Periodically

One very good way to keep pace with yourselves is to meet periodically to access the level of progress and record challenges. This can be done weekly so that team members will know the extent of the project as well as what needs to be done. It will also reveal those who are underperforming me or not performing at all.

3. Get Superior Opinion

After concluding the project, it is important to get a superior opinion. Your professor or someone who is knowledgeable in the field can look through the project and make relevant assessments. This will prove invaluable and could help your group project emerge as one of the best. This is one good way international students can do college group projects well.

4. Set Sub-Deadlines

Equally, important is the need to set sub-deadlines so that the project is ready before the official deadline. Given the fact that individual differences exist, some students will be more committed than others. In order to ensure that the project does not suffer, sub-deadlines should be set so that your group project is ready before the official deadline.

5. Keep your Professor Informed

Your professor is there to help your group succeed so feel free to keep him/her informed of the goings-on periodically. In the event that some members of your team are underperforming or not performing at all, your professor should know. S/he will provide useful tips as to what to do going forward. Where necessary, penalties will be implemented. This is another way college group projects can be done successfully.

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