IDRC funds research activities that are designed to directly benefit developing countries and Canadian citizens. The organization focuses on collaborative partnerships and projects proposed by research institutions and individuals.
The fund is to support developing countries’ researchers.
Value Of Award

  • IDRC supports five internship awards in science journalism for mid-career journalists, annually.
  • Each of these five internship awards are worth approximately ca $ 60,000. science journalists undertake internships for three to four months, developing their professional skills in science reporting and research at these organizations.
  • The journalists then undertake research and reporting in one or more developing countries for a further three to four months.
  • They also participate in a major science journalism conference during their award tenure. they share their practical experiences and network with “new” and more experienced science journalists from around the world.
  • The skills and knowledge gained allow them to report the work of local scientists more effectively and to influence policy-makers in developing countries

How To Apply

To apply for one of these awards, journalists must contact the following host agencies that manage the awards for IDRC directly:

  • Québec Science (Montreal, Canada): two (2) francophone journalists (one Canadian, one developing-country national)
  • Nature (London, England): one (1) Anglophone Canadian journalist
  • Research Africa (cape town, south Africa): one (1) Anglophone journalist from sub-Saharan Africa
  • (London, England): one (1) Anglophone journalist from a developing country

Deadline: Application deadline is not stated
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