9 Life Skills International Students should learn before Graduation

Having life skills prepares you for life after school and enables you to navigate any work-related situation effectively. It encourages you to step outside the box so that you can fit into the workplace with a high level of efficiency, effectiveness and competence. Here are 9 life skills international students should learn before graduation:

1. Time Management

College can serve as the best place to learn how to manage time because there are so many tasks to execute in limited time. You need to attend classes, do assignments, engage in extracurricular activities, work, etc. Thus, you’ll learn how to prioritize activities.

2. Independence

Having depended on your parents most of your life, one of the essential life skills you need is independence. College is a great opportunity for you to learn to be independent because you’ll need to make key decisions and do things yourself. You’ll also need to take responsibility for your actions, failures and successes.

3. Seek for Advice

Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge so don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek advice where necessary. When you seek advice from people that are greater in knowledge and experience than you are, it paves way for you to learn more and succeed.

4. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time so endeavour to do what needs to be done at all times rather than procrastinating. This is a very important life skill because as an employee in an international organisation, company or firm, you’ll be expected to be ready at all times to deliver on target.

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5. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Problems abound in nature, so do solutions. When you are able to identify key problems and proffer solutions to them, you will be an asset wherever you find yourself. Being a problem-solver demands for you to be a critical and analytical thinker as well. So, put on your thinking cap.

6. Public Speaking

Public speaking is a life skill that can be harnessed while in college. To do this successfully, you’ll need to organize your thoughts, voice out opinions as well as develop relevant arguments and do so effectively. This is an important tool in communication.

7. Accept Criticism

Yet another in the line of life skills to develop before graduation is accepting criticism. No matter the feedback given to you either to appreciate or disprove of a work done, accept and use the feedback to improve on your performance. This will give you an edge above others and keep you on the path of excellence.

8. Research 

Research is pivotal as a college student since you’ll need to source, collect and evaluate information for your assignments. This is an important life skill because it is relevant outside the walls of the university, especially in work circles.

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9. Self-Confidence

Every other life skill stands or falls on the premise of self-confidence or the lack of it. Stand firm for yourself irrespective of the challenges you encounter; never feel intimidated, instead be confident and comfortable about your uniqueness. Remember, you’re the only one of your kind and you’re the only one who can do things the way you do them.

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