ALB offers scholarships to qualified residents of Africa who wish to obtain an MBA through one of the partner universities. Scholarship comes with great responsibility, and as such, ALB scholarships are offered as part of the ALB Fellowship Program.
To qualify for the ALB Fellowship Program, applicants should demonstrate the following through their application:

  • A commitment to returning to their country after program completion
  • Strong professional background, including 3 or more years of work experience
  • Strong academic background, including completion of a Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • High competency in written and spoken English
  • Acceptance to an MBA program
  • Completion of the GMAT exam
  • All other requirements for admission to the partner school program

Eligibility for scholarships is merit and need based.
Selection Criteria
The Foundation for African Leadership in Business aims to aid in the development of Africa, partnering with top-tier MBA programs and corporations to create opportunities for African citizens to join international MBA programs across the globe. Scholarships are provided in the form of fellowships to African citizens with a demonstrated commitment to returning to Africa post-MBA. Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • Community Commitment:  ALB Fellows show commitment and ties to their community through service, leadership and involvement. This commitment compels ALB Fellows to return to their country post-MBA and contribute towards greater success not only for themselves, but for their local and professional communities, as well as their country.
  • Professionalism: ALB Fellows are successful in their career, having performed well and developed strong relationships with internal colleagues and external partners.
  • Scholarship: ALB Fellows view education as an opportunity, and exhibit a commitment to scholarship through their undergraduate academic record and test scores for the MBA.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: ALB Fellows are ambitious, are able to identify opportunities for advancement at a personal, professional and community level and seek to implement successful solutions.

Student Responsibility:

  • Fellows are expected to serve as representatives of their country, the African continent, and the ALB Foundation throughout their program and ongoing professional career. To ensure that the ALB goals are being pursued throughout the MBA program, all ALB
  • Fellows complete the ALB Fellowship Project, which involves the group development of an entrepreneurial business plan to be implemented in the Fellow’s home country.
  • Additionally, all ALB Fellows are expected to commit to returning to their home country following graduation, and remaining there to work for a minimum of two years.

How to Apply
ALB Application Process
Candidates should take the following steps in order to apply:

  • Register as an ALB candidate via the ALB Online Registration.
  • Prepare for and take the GMAT exam. You should allow at least 6 – 8 weeks of daily study to properly prepare for the GMAT exam.
  • Apply for and gain admission to an MBA program through one of their university partners.
  • Complete the ALB Fellowship application. Please note that the application will not be available until candidates  have registered as an ALB candidate.

Application Requirements
The ALB online application will ask for a number of supplemental documents. Applicants should have the following documents ready before they start filling the application form:

  • Test scores from the GMAT exam.
  • Copy of Official Letter of Acceptance to an MBA Program or proof of submission.
  • Official transcripts from all university level classes taken. At a minimum, transcripts must show proof of a completed Bachelor’s degree.
  • Resume showing all professional experience since completion of Bachelor’s degree.
  • Proof of citizenship of an African country. The ALB Foundation requires all applicants to be African citizens. All applicants must provide a copy of their birth certificate, passport or residency certificate. If this is not included the application will be ineligible.
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Essay Responses:

Applicants should answer each of the following questions on a separate sheet of paper with a minimum of 150 words, limiting each response to one side of paper (1.5 line spacing).

  • How do you envision contributing to ALB’s mission during and after the conclusion of your MBA program?
  • How will completion of an MBA program help you to achieve your professional goals?
  • How have you contributed to your community in the last 3 years?
  • Describe a need in your community/country, that could be addressed through a corporate social responsibility program, or a social enterprise.
  • All ALB Fellows are required to complete the ALB Fellowship Project during the MBA program. In order to meet this objective, ALB Fellows partner with other students to develop a business plan for a social enterprise in their home community in Africa. This can be done as part of a class project or independently. Describe an idea that you have that you might propose for your ALB Fellowship Project, that will address the need described in question 4.
  • In your opinion, is it ethical for corporations to use corporate social responsibility strategy in order to advance their revenue/sales objectives? Why?

Also  answer the following question on a separate sheet of paper with a minimum of 250 words, limiting your response to one side of paper (1.5 line spacing).

  • How do you plan to contribute to your community and aid in economic development of your country in the next 10 years?

Responsibilities and Expectations for ALB Fellowship Recipients
The ALB Fellowship comes with responsibilities that extend beyond the classroom, and only those who are eager to accept these responsibilities should apply:

  • Return to Africa upon program completion: All ALB Fellows agree to work in Africa for at least 2 years, immediately following program completion.
  • Achieve academic success: All ALB Fellows are committed to academic excellence and integrity. Fellows work hard to achieve success in all coursework, and are committed to abiding by all program policies.
  • Represent their home country: ALB Fellows represent ALB and their country, and it is expected that they remember this at all times, working to improve understanding about their country’s culture and business environment, as well as encourage interest in African culture overall, participating in school events and becoming involved in the greater university community through clubs and other organizations.
  • Complete the ALB Fellowship Project: During the MBA, ALB Fellows partner with other students to develop a business plan for a social enterprise in their home community/country.
  • ALB Fundraiser: ALB Fellows commit to organizing a fundraiser during their program in order to raise funds for the ALB Social Enterprise Project Fund and for future ALB Fellowship Recipients.
  • Mentor Future ALB Fellows: ALB Fellowships open doors, and provide lifelong opportunities for recipient. Therefore, ALB Fellows are expected to be involved beyond completion of the ALB program, serving as mentors for future ALB Fellows, and contributing to the ALB community.

 Deadline: Application deadline is not stated. You should apply based on when you anticipate to start the programme.
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