The International Air Transport Association(IATA) is inviting applications for the IATA Air Cargo Career Face Up Competition for Graduates worldwide in turkey in 2020.

Their work must focus on innovation and transformation in air transport logistics (e.g., transportation, operations, mobility, revenue management, distribution, customer experience, etc.). The entries received will be evaluated based upon the innovative, transforming, and visionary nature of the content, as well as the quality of the solution presented in the thesis.

An independent jury panel will choose the top three entrants. They will be invited to pitch their thesis idea in front of 1200 top-level industry professionals at the closing plenary of the WCS. Besides being a unique networking opportunity, attending the WCS will also provide a valuable chance to learn about the latest trends and developments in the air cargo industry.

Worth of Award

  • Entry pass to the Future Air Cargo Executive Summit (FACES) 2020 and the FACE Cocktail will be free for each individual entrant that is shortlisted as a finalist.
  • Entry pass to 2020 WCS will be free for each individual Entrant that is shortlisted as a finalist, including travel and accommodation.
  • Each shortlisted finalist will be given a 10-minute presentation slot at the 2020 WCS Closing Plenary to present their thesis.


To enter the Competition, entrants must register their interest in the Competition by:

  • Submitting the following required documents:
  • Completed submission form (all fields are obligatory) available at
    (“Competition Website”).
  • A link to a 2-3 minute video in which the Entrants shall provide information on his/her education background, topics of the thesis and his/her vision on how to modernize the air cargo industry, in English.
  • Executive summary of the thesis in English (2-3 pages maximum)
  • Entire Thesis in English.
  • Entrants must follow the application instructions and provide all the required documents described on the Competition Website ( Submissions not following the application instructions may not be accepted.
  • The submitted thesis must fulfill the submission criteria and be aligned with the stated thesis topic(s)

To be eligible, applicants must include in the form below:

  • A link to a 2-3 minute video about their educational background, the topic of the thesis, and their vision on how to modernize the air cargo industry, in English.
  • A zip file including an executive summary of the thesis in English (2-3 pages maximum) and their entire thesis

How to Apply

Applications are online. Visit the website and fill in the online application form.


Deadline: Application closes on January 17, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

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