5 Ways International Students can Beat Homesickness in College

Have you been away from home for some time and suddenly feel the urge to be back home, among your family, friends and loved ones? That is homesickness. International students mostly go through this phase of life while studying abroad. This is because, no matter how excited they might be at first on resuming a new school and probably, new environment, the happiness gradually wears off as they get to face the reality that all familiar faces are miles away; sometimes, calls and social media chats away. How can international students beat homesickness in College?

If you are experiencing homesickness or even yet to get to that dreaded phase of your academic pursuit, here are ways international students can beat homesickness while studying away from home:

1. Make constant contact with your Family

Making contact with your family is the most important way international students can beat homesickness.  The joy and excitement that follows this contact, is fulfilling and fills up the void faced. From the cheerful voice of your mother to the concerned inquiry from your father and the ever-inquisitive nature of siblings, a call from home makes the day!

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2. Establish similar routines 

Try to have a routine that defines your life at home. That is, if you were waking up every morning at 6:00am back at home, you want to maintain the same routine, while also adding new vibes to the routine(s). This makes you remember home which in turn, helps curb homesickness.

3. Make new friends

Studying gives you room for networking, which ensures you have a new set of friends, colleagues and acquaintances in your circle. Make the most of this opportunity by enriching your circle with worthy friends. Go out, network, and feel the air as your network increases! Never be tempted to always remain indoors after lectures.

 4. Make your room comfortable 

This is yet another in the lineup of ways on how International students can beat homesickness. Making your room comfortable with cool but simple decorations on the walls like a picture of your family, favourite friend or pest can give you cherished memories which ensure you find your home a habitable place of refuge from the worries of being at home with your family.

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5. Engage yourself with activities

Staying alone comes with its merits and demerits and on days where homesickness takes the major mood for the day, it is advised you stay with someone. Staying alone places you in a vulnerable and melancholic atmosphere which is not advisable.

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