Mistakes are a normal part of life and students are not exempted from making them following their diverse impressions on life and activities. Mistakes international students avoid varies from student to student, as we are diverse humans with peculiar needs. But there are common mistakes students make that should be generally avoided for successful academic years.

College, as an environment where students acquire both formal and informal education, skills as well as other valuable information in the pursuance of future success and achievements, also comes with challenges that when not faced carefully, might leave one scarred for life. As an international student wishing to avoid common mistakes, here are some mistakes you should strive to avoid every semester for a successful study experience:

1. Not taking your academics serious

The basic reason you are a student is your academics. As much as possible, take your studies seriously. Show enthusiasm in your academics. Your attitude at this point influences what happens to your grades and general academic experience. Your mood should be that of continuous learning.


2. Absenting yourself from classes

If you are a student, you must attend classes as there are no two ways about it. Attending lectures gives you the opportunity to remember everything thought, and even gives you the liberty of recording the sessions with your gadgets. This makes it easier to study and paves the way for easy retention when going through your notes. It is also another opportunity to know your lecturers, classmates, and network! Among the mistakes international students avoid should be absenting oneself from classes.

3. Not Clearing each semester’s exam

When exams are scheduled and you do not sit them, you’re setting yourself up for future problems. You do not want to increase your workload for the next semester for no due cause. You also do not want to get extra semesters due to negligence. This would mean you’ll be paying more tuition for your academics if you do not graduate within stipulated time because you failed to write the exams every other student wrote.

4. Not asking questions

College students should be bold enough to ask questions to get clarification where needed. When assignments and other activities are given, ask proper questions to avoid mistakes that could affect your grades.

5. Failure to prepare for your project

Projects and theses are meant to be submitted in the final year of undergraduate study and they carry much credit unit which is a major determinant to graduating, and also, coming out with good grades. There are repercussions for not submitting such projects in due course and also, not submitting them at all.

6. Not regulating your social media usage

Social media, while a good cause, could hamper on your studies if you do not regulate the time you spend there. Depending on your need for the platforms it offers, be sure to not be addicted to its offerings. You do not want your grades suffering.

7. Avoiding the library and its usage

International students can avoid mistakes by holding intellectual discourse in and outside the library, thereby utilizing the library to the maximum. Modern library facilities give room for both quiet and discussion filled experiences in the library and you do not want to exempt yourself from these experiences; be they group assignment discussions or individual reading times. This gives you wider perspectives on issues and helps you write better assignments and papers.

8. Not avoiding too many social events

College students attend parties but this does not mean you’ll be irresponsible and indiscipline for this sake. You do not have to attend every social event in and out of campus. Set priorities and stick to them.

College life, is not so difficult, after all. You just need a healthy dose of wisdom to navigate and prioritize your activities. This ensures successful academic semesters, year in- year-out!

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