Coe College in the USA is inviting applications for the Global Leadership Full Tuition Scholarship for International Students in 2022

Coe College values a diverse international population and offers financial assistance to qualified students in the form of renewable scholarships, grants, and on-campus work-study. Their funds are not limitless and generally, students should expect to pay for a portion of their college expenses (at least one half or more).

Coe College creates a unique environment by coupling hands-on experiences that expand students’ horizons with faculty mentors who are passionate about helping students find their own passions. Coe’s tight-knit network of highly engaged regional alumni enables its students to grow even further through internships, jobs, and other off-campus opportunities.


All of these factors contribute to an environment where Kohawks graduate on time and get the results they want. In fact, year after year nearly 100% of reporting graduates are employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation. For over 100 years, students from across the world have made Coe College their second home. Cultural diversity expands our campus borders and allows all students to learn from one another. This scholarship seeks to continue Coe’s support of making international education a priority.

Worth of Award

The Scholarship covers the Tuition fees for the Students.


To be eligible to apply;

  • A student must be a non-citizen or non-permanent resident of the United States and attend a foreign high school.
  • Students must intend to enrol as a full-time, undergraduate degree-seeking student, live in on-campus residential housing and meet all the requirements for admission to Coe College.

How to Apply

  • Complete all applications for admission requirements by the deadline.
  • Complete the Global Leadership Full-Tuition Scholarship Form on the website.
  • Submit a resume.
  • Submit an essay response.

Deadline: Application closes March 1, 2022


Click here for more details and to apply