5 Recession-Proof Jobs International Students can Have

Given the fast-changing landscape of work today, it’s important to find yourself in professions that can survive the storm. In the face of a recession, you want to ensure that you enjoy job security by choosing a job that is recession-proof. Let’s explore a few recession-proof jobs you can choose from in line with your interests, shall we?

1. Teacher/College Professors

One of the major benefits of being a teacher is that students will always need to learn, recession or not. Furthermore, teachers/college professors are usually members of labour unions which makes it more difficult for them to get laid off. They are also largely responsible for educating the younger generation thus, laying them off will affect the quality of education of the nation.

2. Medical/Healthcare Providers

Irrespective of the economic climate, there will always be the need for medical/healthcare providers. They include doctors, mental health professionals, home healthcare services, registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dentists, etc. So feel free to choose from the variety of jobs in the profession.

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3. Utility Workers

Utility workers offer essential services which are necessary for the effective and efficient running of society. They enjoy job security even in a recession because they take care of roads, electricity, sewage, trash, water, which are essential to society. If you’re considering social works, you’re thinking in the right direction. This is one of the recession-proof jobs worth exploring.

4. Accountant

Businesses, industries, governments, and indeed every sector of the economy needs financial accountability and tax management. Therefore, accountants and auditors will stand a very good chance to retain their jobs in spite of a recession. You can start as a junior accountant with an associate degree and work your way up the corporate ladder.

5. Legal Practitioner

Crime rate has a tendency to rise when the economy slows or melts down. This implies that legal practitioners, especially those in criminal justice, will enjoy fair job stability during a recession. Law enforcement, cybersecurity and paralegal work are a few areas you can explore in tangent with your strengths and interests. Here’s yet another in the long list of recession-proof jobs worth exploring as international students.

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