5 Top Foreign Language Jobs for International Students

There’s no gainsaying that with the world going global, there’s a higher demand for foreign language workers. According to the Chicago Tribune, foreign-language careers are on the rise in different fields and also mostly come with a higher pay package. If you’re a lover of languages, here are some top foreign language jobs for international students:

1. Interpreter

Your number one goal as an interpreter is to accurately bridge two languages thus, facilitating communication between the parties involved. This is very common when heads of states of different countries need to have bilateral talks to have an understanding and come to and agreement. You can work at the UN, courts, beauty pageants, etc. interpreting the speaker’s words to the listener in seconds.

2. Translator

This is another interesting career where you convert words, thoughts, intent, and texts from one language to another to bridge the language gap. While you’ll work behind the scenes most often, your role is no less significant. As a literary translator, you can translate letters, memos, speeches, books, etc. You can also be a specialized translator working in legal and medical circles.

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3. Foreign Correspondent

If journalism and travel are your pieces of cake, then you’ll definitely enjoy this job. As a foreign correspondent, you’ll travel throughout the world to cover breaking news. This includes covering natural or human disasters like armed conflict, terrorist attacks, genocide, etc. It’s a beautiful mix of fun and risk that can keep your adrenaline levels pumping. This is one of the top foreign language jobs for international students.

4. Flight Attendant

Here’s yet another exciting job where you get paid to travel. If you want to succeed as a flight attendant, it’s important to be fluent in the language(s) of the countries your airline frequents. This will enable you to relate with the locals without offending.

5. Recruiter

More and more businesses are going global by the day so they need qualified employees all over the world to man their offices. They also need recruiters who can communicate effectively with these employees and recruit the best person for the job. By being bilingual or multilingual, you position yourself strategically for such jobs. This is also one of the top foreign language jobs for international students.

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