In our contemporary society, learning foreign languages doesn’t serve the purpose of travelling alone but for advancing one’s career as well. Interestingly, this also comes with some health benefits which include increased creativity, brain development, and better decision making. Here are some more benefits:

1. It increases the Brain

Given the complexity of the brain, it can learn intricate/complicated ideas or patterns in languages. This mental exercise develops the brain further and enhances your cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are vital to your success academically and professionally.

2. Ability to Multitask

Being able to learn different languages is proof that you can multitask successfully. It is evidenced through your ability to think, understand and communicate in other languages which is a key quality for employers. This skill can be one of your best assets because it makes you a global citizen who can work with diverse clients.

3. Improves Memory

One of the health benefits of learning languages is that it keeps the brain engaged consistently and makes it more functional. Learning languages requires getting familiar with and recalling vocabulary, structure, etc. as well as making appropriate use of the knowledge acquired. This exercises the brain and keeps your memory fresh and active.

4. Enhances decision Making

Learning new languages enhances your decision making because you learn the differences in languages and cultures. This knowledge positions you strategically to relate with diverse clients in consonance with the appropriateness of their cultures. This way, you are careful not to offend anyone’s sensibilities by treating their culture as inferior or mundane.

5. Proficiency in Mother Language

When you learn foreign languages, it gives you a better understanding and appreciation of your mother tongue. This happens by comparing and contrasting the phrases, grammar, conjugation, comprehension and idioms in your mother tongue and other languages. Through this experience, you will gain greater mastery of your mother tongue.

6. Sharpens the Mind

Students who learn foreign languages are observant, sensitive, smart and have a strong ability to concentrate. They are not easily dissuaded or distracted, their minds are sharpened to accomplish tasks. This is one of the major health benefits of learning languages to international students.

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