Washington DC, November 14, 2019, Nexford University, an online-only university offering the most affordable MBA program in the world, is joining thousands in support of Equal Pay Day by offering scholarships to women for their MBA and BBA degree courses.

Equal Pay Day represents the time in the calendar year that women stop earning their salary in relation to men. The Office of National Statistics reported on October 29, 2019, that the gender pay gap stands at 17.3%, based on a median average, and from this, UK’s Equal Pay Day 2019 has been announced as November 14, 2019.

In light of this, Nexford University has plans to tackle gender disparity. According to the last available census data, 51% of the population is made up of women – so Nexford will be offering 51% off its MBA and BBA degrees.

Up to 50 Women in Business scholarships will be made available worldwide. Nexford is the most affordable US university in the world with undergraduate degrees from $2,000 and MBAs from just $2,916 – before the scholarship discount is included.

Nexford Founder and CEO Fadl Al Tarzi, comments: “I feel a sense of disbelief even talking about gender pay disparity in 2019 at a time when people are planning a life on Mars. How can our world have advanced so much in some ways but much less so in others?

“I’ve seen first hand from my own mother, my wife, and even my young daughters how women are just as well-positioned to excel at work. Every day I see this through the women I’m blessed to work alongside across Nexford.”

The Nexford team, including faculty, has also committed an hour a day to equal pay, which is a total of 16,800 hours per year to furthering gender equality in higher education. “By committing just one hour a day to pressing for gender progress, our team can confidently say that they’re doing their part in restoring balance,” said Dr Sheila Fournier-Bonilla, Nexford’s Chief Academic Officer.

This campaign is part of Nexford’s ongoing mission to bring learners from all demographics access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic education that prepares them for the global workplace.

Nexford University’s flash scholarship program will run from November 14, Equal Pay Day in the UK, to November 21, 2019.

For additional information about Nexford University, visit www.nexford.org

Further information regarding the ONS pay gap report can be found here.

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