When international students think of studying abroad, they think of the people, breathtaking environment, and high standard of education. In the height of the excitement, many don’t think of the cultural adjustments they must make when it comes to food. This article is, therefore, tailored to provide students with healthy eating recommendations while studying abroad.

Some harsh realities international students are likely to face include homesickness and culture shock. This shock also translates to culinary needs where finding their local dishes or the ingredients to prepare them can be a major challenge. For this reason, it is important for students to find a way to enjoy their study experience, culinary wise.

To achieve this feat, let’s consider the following recommendations:

1. Take some local food items along

Where possible, you can actually take some local food items and/or spices when leaving for your host country. These items will sustain you for a while before you eventually find suitable stores, restaurants or supermarkets. It’ll also save you some money, make your job easier and save you from homesickness/culture shock.

2. Visit international and ethnic food stores

After settling in your host country, make inquiries about ethnic food stores where you can find local dishes and ingredients. This will help you stay in touch with home and reduce if not avoid health problems like gastrointestinal issues. You can also shop at international stores to spice up your menu or indulge but endeavour to keep it healthy.

3. Prepare your meals

It is advisable that you prepare your meals as much as possible. This is because this will afford you the opportunity to prepare what you are familiar with and enjoy eating. It’ll also enable cook and eat in consonance with your dietary needs.

4. Eat at ethnic or tropical restaurants

The American diet is predominantly fatty and sugary, sometimes this leads to weight gain as well as health challenges. It’s ok to try out some American or European delicacies every once in a while. But, when you can can’t do your cooking, you should consider eating at ethnic or tropical restaurants. This way, you enjoy healthy and hearty meals and drinks.

These simple steps will help you settle into the business of schooling seamlessly. They’ll also foster your study experience and make your transition into the new environment far less stressful. This is yet another of the healthy eating recommendations for students.

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