Top 7 Job Seeking Tips for International Students in College

Studying abroad is expensive but when students combine work with study, it enables them to balance income and expenditure. Most often, international students take up jobs to pay their way through school. The following job tips for international students in college serves as a guide to make the process easier.

1. Plan Ahead

Schooling and working simultaneously isn’t a walk in the park but it’ll provide you with a wealth of experience. Thus, planning ahead means deciding on the type of job you want as well as the companies/organizations that are hiring. You also need to consider the conditions of service to know if they’re suitable for you before you apply.

2. Do your Research

Search online to learn more about the location and nature of the jobs that are available. It’s equally important to know the requirements for the positions and if you can meet them without difficulty. Similarly, endear yourself to the people working at the company like your would-be peers, internal recruiters and those who can influence the interview.

3. Send in your Application 

After choosing the most suitable job for yourself, send in your application with a personalized resume format. A Curriculum Vitae, however, is always a plus to your application when the right format is used. Most firms prefer the online applications to the physical submission of application letters so act accordingly.

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4. Follow Up

Most people after dropping a few applications, wait for a call or an email from the hiring manager. However, it’s advisable to follow up the company if you haven’t received feedback but, resist the urge to be a bother, you could lose the opportunity. This is one of the essential job tips for international students.

5. Build Yourself

Make yourself useful. Endeavour to include your profession in any profile you’re writing and if possible, learn to write little about your profession and drop them on all social media platforms. This will enable employers to easily assess your potentials.

6. Socialize

Socialization plays a vital roll in searching for jobs so, connect or better still build a network with people. This is beneficial because one of those you associate with today might be in the position to help you tomorrow. You can also join your immediate community in meetings and other activities to make socialization easier.

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7. Seek Assistance from your University     

Your university’s career centre is another pool of information you need to tap into. Meet with the staff at the career centre because they are always aware of job vacancies and/or internships in companies, organisations and firms. Yet again, this proves to be one of the top job tips for international students.

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