The Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Africa is inviting applications for the Fully-funded BIM Africa Student Advocacy Programme in 2020.

The potentials of a bottom-up knowledge diffusion approach towards achieving digitization of the built industry are limitless. Exposing Tertiary Institution Students to the capabilities and modalities of Building Information Modelling (BIM) before their entry into professional practice creates a gradual knowledge diffusion and process adoption. The Educational system all over the World forms the bedrock of any profession. Systems, Processes, Tools, and Methodologies taught in classes are utilized in practice.

Leveraging on this, the BIM Africa Student Advocacy Program is designed to teach and create awareness of BIM, its tools, and processes, amongst students undertaking courses related to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction in Tertiary Institutions across Africa. The training is believed to ignite the zeal for more knowledge amongst Students who would later become Professionals in the field well equipped to implement the adoption of BIM.

Worth of Award

Advocates of top rank universities would have the opportunity to attend a fully-funded BIM (or Construction related) conference outside their country of study.


To be considered eligible, applicants must;

  • Be university students (Undergraduates) studying courses related to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Be in their penultimate or final years of study in the University.
  • Be creative, outspoken, dynamic and able to influence others.
  • Be Collaborate with a Partner studying a different accepted course of study in the same University.
  • Diversity in gender of Partner is an added advantage.
  • Prior awareness of Building Information Modelling is not mandatory.
  • Are citizens of African countries and studying in any African University.

How to Apply

Application to the BIM Programme is online. Visit the website and fill in the online application form.

Deadline: Application is ongoing.


Click here for more details and to apply

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