4 Ways International Students can gain valuable Work Experience

Work experience is essential in starting up your career because the job market is a competitive arena. Qualifications are good but you need more. Fortunately, this article highlights vividly how African students can get a job without experience. However, there must be an attempt by international students to gain some work experience suitable for their profession. Here’s how to achieve that.

1. Intern

Internships and apprenticeships afford students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of a job in an organization, company or firm. They create relationships that can lead to the permanency of employment so make the best of the experience.

2. Volunteer

International students can gain work experience by volunteering in their desired areas of interest. This way, they’ll get some real-life and work experiences and develop skills that are highly sort after by potential employers.

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3. Develop Experience

When trying to break into new fields, create sample products for potential employers. For example, if you want to be a writer, start a blog or offer to work for a renown blog/website for free. By being consistent, you’ll grow in experience, learn to be authentic and creative and build your port folio.

4. Get a part-time Job

Part-time jobs offer international students a great opportunity to gain work experience. One of the major benefits of this is building soft skills like communication, customer service, and problem-solving skills. You’ll also get references which are extremely important to employers when they’re hiring.

5. Network

Whether interning, volunteering or working a part-time job, you’ll meet and work with people at different levels. It is therefore necessary to build cordial relationships with them and stay connected. You’ll discover that such relationships will come in handy when you start sending out applications for job placements. So don’t feel free to network.

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