4 Things International Students do while awaiting Job Interview Feedback

Job interviews are a prerequisite for getting most jobs in our contemporary society. This is because interviews are used to assess how qualified or otherwise a candidate is for the job. Expectedly, waiting to get feedback can be more daunting than the interview itself sometimes. Fortunately, there are things you can do while waiting for feedback after a job interview.

1. Keep Searching 

The greatest mistake is to stop searching for jobs in other firms just because one interview went very well. Don’t relent because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be hired in the company or organisation you were interviewed. This is the most important thing to consider while waiting.

2. Be Patient

Another very important thing to do while waiting for feedback after a job interview is to be patient. Understand that many other candidates were interviewed as well and making the appropriate decision takes time. So, rather than get worked up, relax, trust that your best was good enough. Impatience costs professionals to make decisions they might regret.

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3. Do other Things

Being idle can easily make you nervous and anxious. You’ll feel tempted to call the hiring manager often to confirm your job position which may not be necessary except the company says so. Get busy; read books, volunteer, take a hobby, learn a new skill, sign up for a class, whatever helps. This will take your mind off the interview for a while.

4. Notify your References

It is always proper to notify your referees about the job you’ve applied for. This will enable them to respond accordingly when hiring managers call to make inquiries about you. They want to be absolutely sure if you are best suited for the job. This is an equally necessary step to take when waiting for feedback after a job interview.

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