Community college is a two-year program that offers an associate degree in both Arts and Science. It renders education primarily to it’s nearest environment and provides the opportunity to be productive and earn a living. Let’s examine some of the best community college graduate jobs for international students.

1. Construction Manager

Your basic responsibility as a construction manager is to control the quality of work to be done on site. You’ll manage the cost of production, secure contracts and ensure the required materials are provided to the satisfaction of the parties involved. Construction managers are hired by both government and private construction companies.

2. Air Controller

As an air controller, you’ll control, manage, coordinate and direct aircraft/planes appropriately within the air traffic control system.This job, however, suits a community college graduate because community college renders associate degrees for science. Fortunately, the requirement for this job is any pure science related certification.

3. Dental Hygienist 

Another pivotal job for a community college graduate is a dental hygienist. Here, you’ll work relatively with a dentist to provide oral health care for patients. Such services include cleaning a patient’s teeth, examining patients and providing preventive care for the teeth. You can work in government and private hospitals as well as healthcare centres.

4. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses provide direct health care to patients. They apply the skills acquired through training to care for patients under the directives of a doctor. They administer physical tests to check patients’ health, counsel and maintain/improve patients’ conditions. This is one of the most noble community college graduate jobs.

5. Physical Therapist Assistant

As a physical therapist assistant, you’ll provide physical therapy to patients under the directives and instructions of a therapist. You’ll identify and proffer solutions to patients’ care issues. You’ll also counsel patients by giving growth and development information to them. This is also a good job opportunity for a community college graduate.

6. Nuclear Technicians 

Nuclear technicians provide nuclear research and energy production through the assistance of physicists, engineers, and other related professionals. They basically work in control rooms with computers to control nuclear reactors.

7. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician

Your job will be to provide assistance to engineers to design and develop electrical and electronic equipment. The work under the supervision of electrical engineers. They work in companies that use electricity for powering machinery. This is equally one of the community college graduate jobs for international students.

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