Top 10 Career Opportunities for International Students with Disabilities

People with disabilities are usually very intelligent, driven and skilful. They refuse to be limited by their physical handicap. Thus, they defy the odds to succeed academically, professionally and otherwise. Today, we’re particularly interested in looking at some career opportunities for students with disabilities.

As the popular notion has it, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So, what are the career opportunities for students with disabilities?

1. Software Engineer

Software Engineers design and develop software. They study the problems of software users and proffer solutions to them. This job requires logic, understanding codes and the application of common sense. It is highly suitable for students with disabilities because it requires intellectual rather than physical muscle.

2. Vocational Counselors

They are responsible for counselling individuals with disabilities in choosing the right career paths. As professionals, they identify the strengths and weaknesses of students with disabilities and guide them accordingly.

3. Accountant

Accountants handle financial issues in organizations which include keeping records and preparing reports of resources used. Most organisations/firms offer this position to people with disabilities because they’re capable of managing their finances. This is one of the career opportunities open to students with disabilities.

4. Pharmaceutical Sales

Given the fact that medications are an essential part of healthcare, pharmaceutical sales reps brand and label them. They also convince doctors to prescribe these medicines to patients so that stores will be convinced to sell them. To succeed in this profession, candidates need to be energetic, be socially intelligent and have business skills.

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5. Physician Assistant

As a physician assistant, you’ll work directly under the supervision of the physician. You’ll be responsible for sustaining patients’ health by rendering specific medical services under the physician’s directives. In some cases, you’ll identify patients that need short and long term care.

6. Self Employment

Students with disabilities are skilled and talented in different ways. Their skills enable them to become their own bosses as well as employers of labour. Their skills and expertise cut across different fields thus, some are artisans, writers, mechanics, floral designers, etc.

7. Sales Representatives

Companies produce different varieties of goods and need those products to sell favourably in the market. Fortunately, sales reps come in hand as they are responsible for advertising and sharing the benefits of the products, etc. This is yet another in the line of career opportunities for students with disabilities.

8. Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing research analysts source information on market competitors and consumers. They also analyse the data collected from different sources and produce results. Sometimes, they render solutions to the findings gotten. They are employed in both government and non-governmental organisations.

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9. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are the most popular in the finance path. They manage and analyze the resources of companies and organisations, evaluate their stability and assets in excess of liabilities. International students with disabilities are a great fit for such positions.

10. Consultant

As trained personnel, consultants provide expert advice in certain areas such as security, management, education, law, human resources etc. This is one of the most proficient career opportunities for students with disabilities.

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