Being able to write a good resume is becoming increasingly important because it makes the difference between who gets hired or doesn’t. Similarly, given the fact that the world has gone digital, students with digital media skills have an edge over others. This is why it’s necessary to consider the skills that boost students’ resumes. They include:

1. Communication Skills

This is arguably one of the first and most required skills in the digital media space. Thus, you need to have fantastic oral and written communications abilities. You need this in order to convey information effectively and build cordial relationships with target audiences and clients alike.

2. Content Management Skills

Employers are interested in candidates who are versatile, can write and edit digital content, and have analytical and planning skills. Knowing how to capitalize on emerging trends is definitely a catch.

3. Marketing Skills

Given the dynamic nature of our world today, marketing has taken a bigger and better twist than it did previously. Thus, digital marketing has taken centre stage with search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). There’s also social media marketing (SMM) and email marketing. Being proficient in these areas places you in demand.

4. Technical Computer Skills

You set yourself on a very good footing by being proficient in the software programs and technical skills that employers seek. Programs like Adobe Analytics, HTML, Java,  Microsoft Access, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint, WordPress, etc. are usually in demand.

5. Soft Skills

High up on the list is soft skills because they are key to being able to maintain cordial and productive working relationships. Can you work under pressure, meet deadlines, give attention to detail, multitask, think critically, solve problems, manage time and work independently? Then you’ll be a good fit for the position you’re applying for.

6. Web Analytics Skills

Being in the digital media space, it is important to ensure that the organizations digital content remains competitive. It’s equally necessary that it captures top rankings on search engines. Add web design and development to your abilities and you could become the most preferred candidate.

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