SheBegan International Scholarship Programme for Women in USA 2021 (All Expenses Paid)

SheBegan Women’s Magazine in the USA is inviting applications for the International Scholarship Programme for Women in 2021.

In the United States (US) Universities, the International Scholarship for Women (ISW) will be granted to the women for full-time research or study. At recognized Canadian or U.S. institutes, both graduates, as well as postgraduate educations, are supported under this scholarship sponsored by SheBegan Women’s Magazine. Since 1998, international Scholarship for Women (ISW) has been existing.

The international scholarship for women (ISW) program offers sponsorship for women studying full-time graduate, undergraduate, or postdoctoral programs in the U.S.A. The full education funding grants are offered to the women of all countries other than Iran, to study in U.S. Universities and exemption for the women, those are ISW institution members.

Worth of Award

International Scholarship for Women Sponsorship covers;

  • Health insurance in sponsorship with Sunlife insurance company
  • Expense on Return flight: US$1600 (Once per anum)
  • Undergraduate degree sponsorship: US$18,000
  • Master’s/first professional degree sponsorship: US$28,000
  • Doctoral degree sponsorship: US$26,000
  • Postdoctoral degree sponsorship: US$32,000
  • Books & Literature expense: US$1000 per year
  • Monthly stipend of US$1200 for an undergraduate student, US$1600 for Master student, US$1800 for Doctoral Student and flexible package for post-doctorate student
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To be considered eligible;

  • Except for Iran ISW sponsorship is available for women from any other country.
  • Age requirement for degree programs depends on the University requisites.
  • Hold an educational grade (received abroad or in the U.S.) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. for enrollment application on master’s program, hold a degree equivalent to a master degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral grade program, or hold a valid doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.
  • Committed to dedicate herself to the intended educational plan, if selected. A commitment letter needs to be signed by the candidate upon receiving the ISW Scholarship.
  • Plan to go back to her home nation to take up a professional occupation.
  • Be competent in English.

How to Apply

To apply;

  • Begin the application process by completing the international scholarship for women (ISW) application form available at the end of this notice.
  • Please read this guide carefully before you begin downloading the application form, filling it and submission.
  •  If the candidate is doubtful whether she is competent to apply, for assistance email: [email protected]
  • Make sure that all the sentences are clear, complete, & grammatically right.
  • An unbiased reader will often spot areas which require additional clarification & might discover mistakes the candidate has ignored.
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Deadline: The deadline for the selection of the first batch is December 28, 2020, and the deadline for the second batch is April 30, 2021. 


Click here for more details and to apply