How International Students can Apply to College as Homeschoolers

For the most part, the college application process for homeschoolers is the same as traditional students. But, a few key differences exist. As with traditional students, homeschoolers are required to provide relevant information to complete their applications. It’s time to find out how international students can apply to college as homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers applying to college need to provide the following information:

1. Transcripts

This might sound odd but yes homeschoolers need to submit transcripts as provided by their parents. Some schools request just a high school transcript while others request for detailed course descriptions as well. Parents are, therefore, expected to tailor the homeschool program and transcript to satisfy these requirements.

2. GED/High School Diploma

It is important to present some evidence of study through certification. This is why homeschool programs are approved by individual states and receive the same standing as public and private schools. To this effect, parents can issue a diploma once the student successfully passes the required coursework. This is according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

3. Letters of Recommendation

This probably sounds like the most difficult requirement to provide fortunately, there’s a way out. Parents can make arrangements for their children to take classes either in a co-op, through college dual enrollment, or by hiring a private tutor.

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Students can ask non-relatives to write letters of recommendation for non-academics. An employer, someone from a community service experience, or a tutor can do so. This is one good way international students can apply to college as homeschoolers.

4. Extracurriculars

While homeschoolers don’t find themselves in traditional schools, they can equally have extracurriculars. For instance, they can join local sports teams, volunteer, get part-time jobs or intern. This will convince schools that you are well rounded and have acquired some soft skills. Botton line: do what you enjoy doing the most.

5. Standardized Testing

Like other students, homeschoolers are required to take standardized entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT. To prepare adequately, students should research on test prep materials such as study guides, apps, online programs, or private tutors. They can also take available subject tests, their performances will help validate parent-provided transcripts and grades.

6. Common Application

It is worthy of note that currently, many colleges and universities in America and 19 other countries accept the Common App. This makes it easy for students to apply to multiple institutions without filling out unique paperwork for each. As part of the report, the student’s guidance counsellor (parents) will provide information about where they ranked in their class

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Other information include the GPA scale used and how many AP/Honors classes were offered and taken. Similarly, a transcript showing classes and grades as well as the fact that the student is homeschooled will be uploaded. Equally important is the disciplinary history including any behavioural issues, or misdemeanour/felony convictions. This is necessary for international students who apply to college as homeschoolers.

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