A number of postgraduate research scholarships (master’s, MPhil, PhD) are now available at the University of Newcastle, UK aimed at supporting candidates who have an excellent academic record to undertake a research programme on a full time basis at the University starting
One main scholarship round each year where scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit including undergraduate grade point average and extra research attainments.
Worth of award

  • Up to three of the highest ranked domestic applicants will receive a “Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Outstanding Candidates”.
  • They will receive an additional $10,000 per annum on top of the living allowance.
  • The 2013 full-time rate provides a living allowance of $24,653 per annum. 2014 would likely be reviewed upwards
  • Most international scholarships also cover tuition fees

The Scholarship may include other benefits such as:

  • Thesis allowance
  • Relocation allowance (if required) to the value of an economy airfare

Master’s degree scholarships are for two years and PhD scholarships run for three years, less any tenure already completed towards an RHD.
The main eligibility criteria include:

  • An offer of admission for candidature
  • Honours Class One or equivalent – an example of equivalency is a research masters degree. Equivalence may be determined by the Head of School in consultation with the Assistant Dean Research Training
  • Enrolling full time – part time enrolment is available in exceptional circumstances where the candidate has heavy carer requirements such as young children or an invalid parent or where the candidate has an illness that prevents them from studying full time. Part time enrolment will not be approved for scholarship holders where the reason for part time enrolment is work related. Part time scholarships are taxable.
  • For current domestic students – applicants cannot have been enrolled for more than 2 full time equivalent semesters at the end of 2013 for an MPhil (unless upgrading) or more than 4 full time equivalent semesters at the end of 2013 for a PhD
  • For current enrolled international students – applicants cannot be considered again if they were assessed for scholarship in a previous round
  • Applicants must have provided evidence of meeting the English language proficiency level by the closing date

How to apply
For domestic students:

  • Applications for candidature and scholarship are on the same form: Domestic Application Form
  • Full information on Research Higher Degrees is contained in the: Prospectus for domestic students

For international students:

  • Full information on Research Higher Degrees is contained in the: International prospectus
  • Applications for candidature and scholarship are on the same form: International application form

Applications will be accepted by email to [email protected] or fax to 61 2 4921 6908 up until 4pm of the closing date. Originals of applications, transcripts etc. submitted in this way must be also be posted to the University as soon as possible.
The English proficiency requirement MUST be met by the closing date to be considered for scholarship.
For domestic applicants currently enrolled in an honours program, the scholarship ranking score will be calculated assuming Honours Class One and any scholarship offer will be conditional upon attaining Honours Class One. If a candidate is later awarded Honours Class Two, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.
Also include the following in your application

  • Certified copies of all academic transcripts
  • A research proposal
  • Evidence of extra academic attainments eg publications
  • If required, certified evidence of meeting the English proficiency requirement

Please note, incomplete applications cannot be considered.
Deadline: Application closing date is in two rounds:
International applicants – 4pm, August 31,each year
Domestic applicants – 4pm, October 31 each year
Applications received after the closing date cannot be considered for scholarships.
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