The 2013-2014 Blackberry Scholars Program for female undergraduates globally is now open to students entering their first year in a field of study involving Science, Technology, Engineering or Math at an accredited four-year college or university, and display an interest and/or aptitude in the mobile computing space.
The BlackBerry® Scholars Program is a global four-year scholarship program for outstanding women entering their first year of undergraduate study at an accredited college or university.
Worth of Awards
The scholarship award (individually, a “Scholarship” or an “Award”, together, the “Awards”) includes full tuition for the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years, and will be awarded at the beginning of the school year. The Scholarship does not cover room and board, other living expenses, books or materials fees, transportation, or other costs not included in tuition.
Up to ten (10) Awards will be granted by BlackBerry in accordance with the selection criteria described below. Scholarship recipients (“Recipients”) will be notified by mail on or before July 31st, 2013.

Eligibility Criteria
  • All applicants to The BlackBerry® Scholars Program must be female and age 18 or older (or the equivalent age of majority where you live). If the applicant is a minor, consent for participation in the program and acceptance of the Award is required from their parent or legal guardian at the time of application for the Program.
  • The Program is open to U.S. and non-U.S. students worldwide, unless otherwise indicated in these terms and conditions or in other documentation associated with the Program.
  • Applicants must be entering as a full-time first year undergraduate in the 2013-2014 academic year at an accredited college or university and planning to pursue a course of study majoring or concentrating in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Transfer between Science, Technology and Math programs will not affect payment of the award, however BlackBerry must be notified prior to any transfer.
  • Employees of BlackBerry and members of the scholarship selection panel, and members of their immediate families or others living in the same household, are not eligible for a scholarship through the Program and should not apply.
  • Applicants must not have ever been convicted of a crime or have acted in a manner that will bring BlackBerry into disrepute, in BlackBerry’s sole discretion.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Recipient must remain an active, full-time student, enrolled in an undergraduate program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math related fields at all times during the academic years of the Award.
  • The Recipient must remain in good academic standing and maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (or local equivalent) in order to maintain the award or forfeit the remainder of the Award. Recipient will be required to submit a current academic transcript following the end of each academic year, as will be detailed in the terms and conditions.
  • Through the four years of study covered by the Award, the Recipient must use a BlackBerry® smartphone exclusively (to be provided by BlackBerry) and must participate in various BlackBerry “Keep Moving” projects, training, networking opportunities and mentoring programs identified by BlackBerry, and may be responsible for written materials from time to time as may be requested by BlackBerry. All written work product and blog entries will become property of BlackBerry.
  • An internship at BlackBerry may be required for one three (3) month period during third or fourth year of study, with all related living and travel expenses associated with the internship to be paid by BlackBerry.
  • Payment of the Scholarships will be made directly to the college or university in which the recipient is matriculated and enrolled on an annual basis before the start of each school year.
  • Any tax implications for the Scholarship will depend on the tax law where the individual Recipient resides and may also depend on the policies and procedures at the college or university where the recipient has matriculated.

How to Apply
Applicants are to make sure they provide the necessary items before starting the application process.
Below are the items they need to provide during the application process. All applicants must ensure that they provide all document as there is no way to save or resume their application at a later time once the process has begun.
Please also note that after an hour of inactivity, the form will time out.

  • Personal info – name, email address, home address, etc
  • Completed education info – secondary and post-secondary
    • School name(s) and address(es)
    • Graduation dates
    • Course names, cumulative G.P.A., class rank and exam results (if applicable).
    • Any post-secondary education that you have already completed, including course names, cumulative G.P.A., years in attendance, and what degree you completed
    • A PDF copy of official transcripts
    • Details of course(s), or aspects of courses, related to mobile computing, including major subjects and course reference numbers where applicable*
  • Work, extracurricular activities, volunteer and organizational history
  • Awards and/or distinctions
  • Post-secondary academic details – a PDF copy of your acceptance letter, or some equivalent proof of your intent to register
  • Financial info – tuition costs, other scholarships and financial sources
  • Recommendation letters from two sources – one from a teacher or academic advisor, and one from a personal, non-family acquaintance such as an employer, coach or community member, submitted as PDFs
  • An essay of 2,000 words or less, submitting as a PDF or written/pasted in the form field, using the following questions as guidelines to aid in your writing:
    • Why should you be a recipient of a BlackBerry Mobile Computing Scholarship?
    • What effect on your education would this scholarship have to your ambitions?
    • What does the future world built on mobile computing mean to you?
    • What would it mean to you to be supported by a female mentor from BlackBerry?
    • From your experiences, what are your educational and career goals?
    • What will completing your degree, through a scholarship, mean to your career and future?
    • How have you demonstrated leadership skills in your life, through extracurricular activities, part time work or school?
    • Does any attribute, quality or skill distinguish you from everyone else? How did you develop this attribute?
    • Describe an experience from your own life where someone has inspired and influenced you.

Deadline: Application deadline is June 26, 2013.
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