This is how African Students can have a Successful Work-Study Experience

Having a work-study job is wonderful but it places greater demand on you to strike a balance between work and study. This may not be easy for most freshmen but it’s an opportunity to develop a career. African students can actually be successful at the work-study experience and enjoy the best of both worlds if they play their cards well.

Spoiler alert: not all countries or schools have this provision so it is very important you make enquiries before sending your applications. That being said, let’s go straight ahead to find out how African students can be successful at the work-study experience.

1. Be Professional

As you begin your work-study experience, be professional. Dress appropriately for the job and give it your best. It’s a rare opportunity given to you to develop your skills, competencies and career so, don’t blow it. Also, be sure to abide by the code of conduct of the organization, you’re there temporarily remember?

2. Be Positive

Life happens to everyone but how you handle the downs of life is important. Maintain a positive disposition, everyone likes to be around positive energy. Stay optimistic about your education, work-study program, and life in general. This is a more sure way to be successful in your work-study.

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3. Keep communication lines Open

It is impossible to work in teams within an organization without communication. Therefore, endeavour to build a good rapport with your colleagues, supervisors and other members of staff. No one has the monopoly of knowledge so ask questions about things you don’t know or understand. This will make for efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Maintain a Planner

In order to strike a balance, have a planner where you maintain a workable schedule. Include your school, work and personal engagements/schedules to the planner so you can stay on track. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed by tasks. It is also a step in the right direction for international students to enjoy successful work-study.

5. Build a Network

The work-study experience is a great opportunity for you to meet and establish cordial relationships with field experts. These connects will come in handy when you begin your job search after graduation. It will also enable you to stay abreast of the latest trends in the profession.

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