One of the major goals for acquiring formal education and certification is to be able to practice. The dream comes true when students are able to apply the knowledge acquired in their fields of study to gain experience and add value. In order to be able to apply the knowledge gained, here’s what international students need to know writing a graduate CV.

1. Bio Section

Your CV begins with your bio. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your bio describes you appropriately. Your name should be written at the top left corner in large fonts with your profession directly under it. Under that, you should have your email address, location, phone number and your LinkedIn address.

2. Profile

This section is your 5 seconds of fame where you can sell yourself by revealing your skills and the value you’ll bring to the table. You can also give a summary of your work experience as well as your passion. This should give your interviewer a good idea of who you are, what you’ve done and what you intend to go careerwise with this.


Here’s an example of a profile:

3. Education

This is a very important section because it contains your most recent educational qualifications. This includes the school(s) attended, class(es) of degree, as well as dates. You can also include modules that are relevant to the job or position you’re applying for. This makes your case more convincing to your employer proving you can do the job well.

4. Work Experience

Whatever work experience you may have even if it’s your internship experience comes here. It should include the organization(s) you worked with, dates, your position as well as your role(s) while there.

5. Languages

As an international student¬†writing your graduate CV, being able to communicate in other international languages makes you more marketable and desirable. You’d be an asset to your employers because you’ll fit in seamlessly with different publics. So when your prospective employer sees how diverse you are, s/he would be looking forward to hiring you.

6. Skills, Strengths, Expertise

As a wrap to your CV, it’s necessary to indicate what skills you have, what comes to you easily (strengths) and what you’re good at (expertise). This is key for international students writing a graduate CV because, without this, your CV could be discarded.

It behoves on students to ensure their CVs and resumes are properly written and proofread before submission. Remember that this is an official document so you don’t want to lose the opportunity to impress your employer owing to errors.

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