Applications are sought from individuals who aspire to be INK fellows for the 2013 Ink conference to be held in Kochi, India between October 25 – 27, 2013. The INK Conference, in association with TED, is a coming together of a diverse set of people for 3 days of complete immersion in ideas. INK is the meeting place for visionaries and change makers to inspire each other and make human connections.
The INK Fellows Program is a young, exceptional, cross-disciplinary community of change makers from across the globe and the emerging economies in particular. Every year, they identify a fresh crop of budding luminaries in any field, who have proven their potential to be the architects of tomorrow. Through the program, they provide them the support necessary to leverage their impact.
Worth of Awards

INK Fellows receive:

  • All expenses covered to attend the annual INK conference (including the conference fee, airfare and hotel accommodation)
  • The opportunity to network with prominent speakers and attendees
  • The opportunity to be selected for a speaking slot at the INK conference
  • In-depth coaching in compelling public communication, and how to give an INKtalk
  • Fellows located in India: local speaking engagement at least one INK event during the Fellowship year
  • The opportunity to have their INKtalk selected to be posted online at
  • The support and camaraderie of the Fellows peer community
  • INK social media exposure throughout the Fellowship year
  • Customized assistance dependent upon the needs of each fellow

 INK Fellows already have:

  • A powerful vision for the world
  • Taken tangible steps to fulfill this vision
  • Demonstrated serious accomplishment at a young age
  • A compelling and inspiring story
  • A need of active support from the INK community
  • The capability to actively support and enrich the INK community
  • The ability to articulate and communicate succinctly


  • Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 40
  • INK prefers Fellows to be based in young economies, but great candidates from any location will be considered seriously and competitively
  • Candidates must be present for the entire duration of the INK2013 conference, and arrive in Kochi one day earlier. Fellows will be in Kochi from October 23rd-27th
  • Candidates should be change makers specializing in any field, for example (but not limited to) art, dance, architecture, business, fashion, journalism, medicine, music, technology, science, sports and social activism. Please see our list of previous fellows to get an idea of the diversity of INK Fellows
  • A candidate’s actions MUST speak louder than their words. Humility is important, and self-promoters will not be accepted
  • Candidates can be previous INK events or TEDx speakers
  • Candidates cannot be previous TED Fellows, TED conference speakers, or INK conference speakers

How to Apply
The INK2013 application will be made available e starting April 1st, 2013. The application link is copied below for your reference so you can compose your answers before submitting them online.
They want to know all about you and your work, and why you would make a great INK Fellow. You may answer Option A (written questionnaire) or Option B (YouTube video) and submit your form online (see link below)

  • Please indicate your field of endeavour (e.g. scientific research, photography, dance). You may include as many fields as are applicable.
  • What is your passion, and what initiatives have you taken to support it?
  • What have you achieved with your initiatives?
  • Why is what you do unique?
  • Why do you want to be an INK Fellow?
  • What is your favourite INKtalk and why?
  • Optional: You may upload one image, song (under 3 minutes), movie (under 3 minutes), or writing excerpt to support your application here. (No third party newspaper or blog articles, please. All content should be original.)


  • So, you want to apply to be an INK Fellow, but feel like none of the questions in this application relate to your life? You’re discouraged, because you feel you’ll never be able to express yourself properly if limited by the constraints of a written application?
  • No problem. Create a 3-minute YouTube video about yourself. Include whatever you want and convince them why you should be an INK2013 Fellow.
  • They will consider your application equally along with all written candidates.

Deadlines: July 14th 2013: Application period closes at 11:59 PM IST
August 21st: INK2013 Fellows announced. October 23rd-27th: INK2013
Click here for details and to apply online