There is more to attending a lecture than a mere sitting down and listening to different professors deliver lectures. Sometimes, listening to lecturers for hours could be boring, other times, it could turn out to be one big didactic session. Beyond all this is the need for international students to build relationships with their professors in order to enjoy the best of the academic experience. Here’s why.

1. Improved Grades

This has nothing to do with a professor going against the ethics of his profession in order to put a smile on your face. Rather, it emphasizes the benefit that comes with knowing and understanding your professor. This happens when you build a relationship with him/her thus giving you access to him/her and have course notes further explained to you. In addition, you could be referred to other materials which can improve your performance in tests and exams.

2. Motivation

Without a doubt, interacting with your professor delivers to you the total package This is as a result of the summation of experiences, exposures, and commitment to ensure students excel in their academic endeavours. This goes a long way in motivating students to excel. So, in order to make the best of this experience, learn effective social and communication skills. This is the reason students need to build relationships with their professors.

3. Internships and Job Opportunities

A professor is very likely to have a strong network which was built over the years. Ranging from work experiences, seminars conducted, conferences attended, students taught and positions held, the opportunities open to professors are numerous. When you get to know them personally, you stand the chance to benefit from their network. This comes in handy when you’re looking for a place to intern. Also, upon graduation, they could be instrumental in helping you land that dream job. This is another reason international students should build relationships with their professors.

4. A Lifelong Relationship

Peradventure you don’t have access to an internship or a job opportunity through your professor, don’t relent. Better still, maintain a lifelong relationship with him/her. This implies that you need to keep tabs with them. e.g wish them a happy birthday, send emails from time to time. You can also pay them scheduled visits where possible. This grows your academic and professional connection and would make them willing to write letters of recommendation or evaluation upon your request.

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