7 Gift Items International Students can give their Employers

One of the hallmarks of your study experience is your internship which affords you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. During your internship, you’ll build relationships with coworkers, bosses, etc. Occasions such as your boss’ birthday, a life event, the holidays or a heartfelt ‘thank you’ require gifts. Let’s find out the appropriate gift items international students can give their employers.

While making the decision of what to give, consider a gift with the perfect hint of individuality and quality. Giving the appropriate gift to your boss will make it highly appreciated as well as give a very good impression. Here are some thoughtful gift items international students can give their employers.

1. Personalised Black Leather Business Card Holder

Your boss is likely to have a couple of business cards. Thus a personalized business card holder will enable him/her to store all the business cards in one neat case. This unique yet thoughtful gift will keep your boss smiling whenever he/she needs to give out a business card. It’ll also keep you stamped in your boss’ memory for a long time.

2. Productivity Planner and Post-It Note Holder with Photo Frame

If your boss is in the habit of using lots of post-it notes, then a unique holder with a beautiful frame is an ideal gift. But, you can take it a step further by getting a productivity planner which contains inspirational quotes. This will help them collect their thoughts neatly and easily in one place.

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3. Portable Wireless Speaker with Desktop Cradle

Bosses who love music will definitely appreciate receiving a portable wireless speaker for a gift. This will keep them motivated and serenaded all day long thus, easing the stress of working long hours.

 4. Scented Soy Wax Candles

After a long busy day at work, chances pretty well are your boss wants to go home and relax. One very good way to spice up the evening is by gifting your boss a set of calming aromatherapy candles which smell great.

5. World’s Best Boss Mug

If your boss is a lover of tea or coffee, a simple world’s best boss mug will definitely light up their day. Don’t be surprised that this simply beautiful item could become their favourite piece on the table.

6. Recipe Box

Does your boss have a flair for cooking and therefore, enjoys collecting recipes, then a cute recipe box is a way to go. S/he will be thrilled to know that all the recipes can be stored neatly in one place. Who knows, you just might earn yourself a free meal by this kind gesture.

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7. Phone Sanitiser and Charger

This little device extracts the germs lurking on your touchscreen while simultaneously charging your phone. Your boss will love it because s/he won’t have to worry about always spraying antibacterial in the office anymore. Really easy, you’d be killing two birds with one stone.

So there you have it, simple yet thoughtful gifts that can suit whatever occasion requires you giving your boss a gift. Have fun!

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